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Activist Ishu Kalra Opens Up On Rising Cyber Crimes In Punjab, Says Spreading Awareness Is Important


The Internet has become an integral part of human lives today, ranging from all aspects, be it food to fashion . Because it is difficult to do away with, but using it requires us to be cautious . The Internet has performed wonders in connecting us to distant people, but the other side speaks well of the threats associated with it, i.e., cyber crimes. (Ishu Kalra)

A well-known example of a global cyber crime is the WannaCry ransomware attack in May 2017. Though the importance of the internet cannot be stressed more, we can not ignore its side-effects well known to us. The cases of fraud and swindling in India, as well as other countries, are increasing in number with each passing day. (Ishu Kalra)

According to the statistics of the Chandigarh Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, around 52% of people are unable to battle against cyber crimes. Due to digital illiteracy, people do not have access to knowledge on how to combat cybercrimes, and their entire life’s monetary value goes down the drain. The gravity of the situation increases due to the inability of the government and administration to deal with cyber crimes in India . (Ishu Kalra)

One of the celebrated social workers of Punjab, Ishu Kalra, has unblocked his voice over the inability of the government and administration. Kalra, who successfully founded Humanity NGO, takes a turn, revealing how people are being looted through the Internet and is critical of the limited role of administration. According to Kalra , victims of cyber crimes are trapped in a vicious cycle of complaining and visiting the offices without any immediate action . (Ishu Kalra)

Ishu says criminals should be put behind bars and the police should work in favour of the citizens. He has been working on awareness programs against cybercrimes and has helped people get their money back . Kalra says administrative actions on cyber crimes are equally indispensable as digital literacy among the citizens . (Ishu Kalra)

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Have you ever tested your memory?  Check your Memory with India’s Memory Test.


We all forget things in life; it’s common to forget names, dates of birth, phone numbers, crucial papers, and other things; nevertheless, we never face any consequences for doing so. On the other hand, there is a community among us all that is penalized each time a member forgets something, that is our beloved little students. Any student who neglects to remember historical figures, formulas, facts, and other crucial information in an exam faces a lifetime punishment, which is reflected in their grade.

For all kids studying in and above the third grade across India, Brainywood (India’s most innovative learning platform) is conducting the “India’s Memory Test” to help them overcome their memory problems and fear of forgetting. IMT is powered by National Education Records and PRONES Asia.

This test would be conducted in 3 Levels –

1. School Toppers

2. District Toppers

3. National Toppers

To participate, visit indiasmemorytest.com or brainywoodindia.com. or call at

IMT helpline number – 72400-77077

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Who Is Nikhil Sachan?

NameNikhil Sachan
Born14th January 1998
🏡 Home TownKanpur
🏡 ResidenceDelhi
🏳️ NationalityIndian
🏫 EducationGalgotia College of Engineering and Technology (GCET)
💼 OccupationEntrepreneur, educationist, and social worker
📆 Years active  2017-Present
🏢 OrganizationCareer Kick Services | Ntechzy
🌐 Websitehttps://careerkick.in/
🌐 Websitehttps://ntechzy.com/
👍 Facebookcareerkickpvtltd
📷 Instagramsachan_nikhil

Nikhil Sachan[1], a 24-year-old young Indian, is known for his path-breaking moves as a career counselor, YouTuber, influencer, motivator, and career coach[2] with the brands Careerkick Services[3] and Ntechzy [4]from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Early life

Nikhil Sachan[5] hails from a small rural town in Uttar Pradesh named Pukhrayan in Kanpur, from where he did his schooling and belonged to a humble family background. After 12th, in rural areas, he noticed how awareness regarding career options lacked massively. However, he went ahead and graduated from the prestigious Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology (GCET) in Greater Noida, attaining a B.Tech, Bachelor of Technology, and ECE degree betswee the years 2016-2020.


Nikhil Sachan today serves as a rising young Indian founder[6], director, entrepreneur, mentor, influencer, motivator, and career coach in the world of education with his career counseling and consulting business named Careerkick Services. He is also the founder of Ntechzy, which has been growing in digital marketing, social media, web development, college branding & promotion, online political campaigning  , and new business development realms. and also providing internship[7] for engineering students .

As the CEO and Founder of Careerkick Services[8], which he founded in 2017, he has ensured to change and transform the lives of budding talents, schooling 10+2 students, primarily in the areas of engineering, medical, law and management. Two significant incidents turned out to be major turning points in his life. The first incident was when his sister gave her competitive and JEE exams and scored incredibly[9] well, but was suggested to take admission in a local college[10], even after getting a higher ,rank due to her “Rural” background.

The second incident was when his friends got scammed. The lakhs of rupees were taken by the admission consulting agency through the management quota in the name of donation, but his friend’s admission process is done by official govt. counseling through online portal not through management quota). There existed a deep scam market, which in current times has been destroyed. These two events made him think of taking the route of counselling. On his own, he could not obtain admission to the Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology (GCET). This ignited the fire in him to start his own business, which later led him to introduce the concept of paid counseling services bringing about a revolution in the counseling niche, which happened in various YouTube communities and other online platforms.

Hence, in 2017, he founded Careerkick Services, which became the first and biggest online trusted career steering platform across India, primarily in the engineering, medical, law, and management fields. After starting his brand in 2017, in 2018, he began with normal career counselling. On January 1, 2019, he first opened his office at Kanpur and, in 2021, went ahead in founding Ntechzy. Right now He is leading 50+ employees in his company.

Under his leadership today, Careerkick Services provides the best guidance to individuals who aspire to reach their definition of success in their professions and careers. All particulars with regards to academic institutions and more are provided all over the nation to lead people to a brighter future.

Social Media

Nikhil Sachan, with Careerkick Services also has a wide presence on YouTube with his YouTube channel, which started in 2019 and serves as a growing platform, providing educational support services for students, colleges, and universities, having 1 lakh+ subscribers so far.

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Managing Director Of Enso Group Vaibhav Maloo Talks About Sustainable Resources And A Sustainable Future.


The way a few industries around the world have only seen signs of endless growth and development is truly a sight to behold, looking at how passionately businesses and brands have been taking meaningful steps ahead in taking their sectors to the next level of success and bringing more glory to those industries in more ways than one. Adding to this glory across industries is Enso Group, a 2005-founded massive conglomerate, whose Managing Director Vaibhav Maloo, under the leadership of his founder-father Vinay Maloo, has made sure to incorporate the best of tech trends with their visions to provide more value through their company, which is a diversified group.

Now, he has come forward to talk about sustainable resources and a sustainable future, where he points out that out of so much happening like globalization, digitalization, and industrialization, one need that has remained constant for running the demands of the changing world is “Energy,” which since decades has been utilized in various forms such as coal, petroleum, fossils, electricity, etc. According to the latest data, he says that mankind’s dependency on non-renewable resources is 1.7 times the Earth’s capacity to regenerate, which is an alarming situation, and natural resources which once were needed to sustain life are now itself in need to be sustained. This is when sustainable energy resources enter the picture.

Understanding the urgency and importance of such an essential Goal, United Nations New York Summit adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG, with the promise to make the world independent of non-renewable resources by 2030. MD of Enso Group, who has remained on board with other prominent companies of the world, has come forward to lend a hand toward the UN’s initiative, and for that, he has moved ahead with several initiatives toward SDG 2030.

Speaking on the same, Vaibhav Maloo said, “We are environmentally aware and operate businesses without impacting the environment and aim to construct an ambiance where they can thrive, keeping in mind economic, social, and environmental sustainability.”

Enso Group is now working on various other exciting projects that focus on building a sustainable future where development goals can be achieved without compromising future needs.

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Ashok Prasad Abhishek Emerges As A Producer, Director, Investor, And One Of The Finest Young Talents In The Film Industry.

A closer look around will let people know how things have drastically changed across industries in more ways than one. These developments were a result of the many sleepless nights of a few incredibly talented individuals and professionals who spared no effort in bringing about revolutions in their sectors and inspired many other aspiring talents to focus on continuously innovating in their sectors to become high-performing personalities and lead from the front. Who better than Ashok Prasad Abhishek to serve as an example here? This young Indian talent possesses in him massive skills and talents that today have led him to become one of the most talked-about professionals across fields in India.

After achieving massively in the IT world, being an awarded business owner in the field, and recently receiving the International Human Rights Council for Best IT Services 2022, Ashok Prasad Abhishek is now making more buzz for the kind of work he has been doing for the film industry as a rising producer, director, and investor. Not just that, he has proved the insane talents he has in the fields of stock markets, crypto, investments, marketing, and so much more.

Jumping into the entertainment niche, Ashok Prasad Abhishek says, “I wish to fill in a gap in the industry that I have noticed over the years by bringing forth stories that can truly inspire each and every person who watches these films. I saw how hardly any substance-driven projects were made. Hence, I thought of becoming a producer to tell stories that can inspire people to be their best versions or bring about a positive change in their lives. This is why I chose to back the project starring Dinesh Lal Yadav, aka Nirahua named Abhineta se Rajneta, as it shows his journey from being an actor to becoming a politician and the many experiences he had in between, which has the power to inspire people in multiple ways.”

Ashok Prasad Abhishek recently also produced a song titled “Hum Reh Gaye Akele” and wants to keep finding projects that he can proudly back and offer something new to the audiences.

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HalfSquare Inc.’s Rahul Vinod Kumar Dadhich Invests A Massive 100 Crores In Creating A State-Of-The-Art Space Lab.

A closer look around will let people know how things have changed and developed around the world for the better. These developments could be possible due to the many sleepless nights that astute and passionate entrepreneurial talents put in, in order to create massive success for their projects and companies. However, it is also the growing technological advents that have made all the difference there is today in most of the industries globally. A mixture of both has led companies and platforms to exponential success and growth levels. A perfect example today is of entrepreneur Rahul Vinod kumar Dadhich, the brain behind HalfSquare Inc.

In a very short span of time, HalfSquare Inc., as a unique Cyber Security and AI company, has broken barriers in the data and digital world and raised the bar for other budding companies and brands in the vast and ever-evolving tech realm. Major credit must go to the founder Rahul Vinod kumar Dadhich, a creative soul and passionate business owner who has immersed himself in the world of tech to continuously innovate with his ventures. The New York University graduate with a Master’s degree in Cyber Security, Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services is a young Indian talent who has now stunned people by making a massive 100 crores investment for creating a state-of-the-art space lab.

His company, HalfSquare Inc., was initially reported as setting a base for the world’s first space data center, for which they have already attracted an investment of around $30 million in the pre-seed stage. The 100 crores investment is in the same direction of executing the data center project by creating the space lab. Rahul, as a 25-year-old and a top Cyber security expert and tech entrepreneur through HalfSquare Inc., has changed the game in Cyber security by helping businesses and companies deal with malware, cyber threats, and data infringement issues. [ Rahul Vinod Kumar Dadhich ]

It is a company that excels at digital products and services and everything in Cyber security, AI, cloud computing, and so much more. [ Rahul Vinod Kumar Dadhich ]

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