Screening Freelance Writers

It sounds easy to hire a freelance writer to help you build blog material, eBook, or copy your website. But when you get to that there’s certainly a wrong and correct way to go.

The last thing you want to do is get a writer who delivers half-baked, unusable waste, right? You want to work with someone who really understands the stuff, has sound work ethics and can rely on a good finished product (on time).

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Therefore, you have to screen your freelance writers. I’ve heard my fair share of customers’ horror stories from the freelancer end of the equation. So that is why I think we must discuss an appropriate screening process.

This is what you have to do before signing a deal.

Request referrals

One of the easiest ways to weed out only the best freelance authors is to get reviews from your friends and colleagues. Your network may have links with authors they know and admire. This is a method of screening itself. You won’t get a recommendation to work with a flaky individual who does awful work.

Send an email to social media and ask “Does anyone know a fantastic freelance writer they would recommend?” You will also get some solid insights from this basic enquiry.

Check your portfolios

If you are searching for an accomplished writer who is writing for a particular industry or demographics, make sure that in the author’s portfolio you can see examples of such work. Several examples from past projects can help you get a feel for the voice and skills of the writer.

Note: Often freelance writers are asked to write ghostwriting, so just ask for a contact you can contact as reference in cases where you want to verify an entity.

Search for testimonies

Independent authors who do their jobs well will read outstanding testimonies from satisfied customers. Check the LinkedIn profile and the personal website of the author to see what others think about his work to see if you remember any recognisable names or faces of the people the writer worked with before.

A clever freelance copywriter will gather impressive customer testimonials, so look for praise, which is highly precise and embedded in sound results. You may want to look elsewhere if the recommendations are bland and widespread.

Talk to past customers

A clever writer can do a few words to make a poor working relationship look good. Taking a brief “Hey, could you tell me a little about working with _?” in front of a few previous writer clients will help you get a more accurate image of what it means to work with a freelance writer on the customer end.

In general, a fast Google search can help you find the right person to talk to via e-mail, or a company phone number that will get you to the right place can be found.

Take Slow Stuff

Once your project has the right freelance writer, do not feel compelled to immerse yourself in a huge project. Start with a little writing task to research the writer’s method and experiences with you. If you find it doesn’t suit you well, you may need to look elsewhere before you start a big writing project.

Remember: there are a lot of fantastic freelance authors. Don’t let your outlook be ruined by a single bad experience.

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