Apple Emps Do Not Want To Return

Is the mixed work model the future of the company? There is no doubt that the epidemic has brought many changes, one of which is the acceleration of remote work. In this case, Apple employees responded to the company’s policies when faced with this situation.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently reported that starting in the fall, employees must return to the office three days a week. Before this exchange, the employees expressed their views through a letter:
“… We would like to take this opportunity to convey our growing concerns to our colleagues. Apple’s flexible office / remote work policy and the communication surrounding it have forced some of our colleagues to resign, “they explained in a letter obtained by The Verge.

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Similarly, they said that if there is no inclusiveness that provides flexibility, they feel that they must be at home, happy, and able to do their job better or remain Choose between the part of the company.
felt ignored by executives.
employees commented that some of the information related to this exchange does not represent them, including the following statement: “We know that many of you are eager to reconnect with colleagues in the office.”

According to the letter, none of these emails acknowledged the “complex feeling” of returning to the workplace. (Message) “Feel contemptuous and invalid,” they explained.
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On the other hand, they emphasized that many of them are now increasingly connected. “We really want to work like this, without having to go back to the office every day. There seems to be a disconnect between the executive team’s perception of remote/flexible work locations and the experience of many Apple employees.

They also emphasized that the company has been using remote communication on its computers, either because they are not in the same building, or because they are located in other countries/regions, or even in different time zones.

employees said that even if they work at home, they have achieved a large number of excellent new product displays, and after expressing the benefits that he has brought to the company, each team and the leader are required to choose the best way for everyone.
Their requirements include:
-The company believes that flexible location and remote work decisions are independently decided by the team as a recruitment decision
-A short-term survey of the entire business community is formally conducted, with a clear structure and organization and team levels at all levels The transparent communication/feedback process covers the following topics:

Quit conducting remote work interviews with employees.

A clear and transparent action plan that adapts to people with disabilities through on-site, off-site, remote, hybrid, or other flexible on-site work.
Information on the environmental impact of returning to work in person and how the permanent flexibility of location and remote control counteracts this impact.
Documents expressing all these requirements began to be drafted in a Slack channel called “Defenders of Remote Work”, which has approximately 2,800 members. According to The Verge, about 80 people participated in the writing and editing of the letter to Tim Cook.
The workers said at the end of the letter that this is not a “request, even if it appears to be.” This is a request: let us work together and truly welcome everyone. “

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