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Do Big Tech Know About You?

Recent and seemingly endless Facebook privacy scandals, including the most recent one involving users as young as 13, may have you wondering how well...

Apple Emps Do Not Want To Return

Is the mixed work model the future of the company? There is no doubt that the epidemic has brought many changes, one of which...

Apple Earns $1 B In A Day Quarter

Ninety billion. That’s the quantity. Apple suggested almost $ninety billion in sales for January, February, and March of 2021 ($89.6 billion), beating Wall Street...

Apple vs Epic Games

Epic Games made $seven-hundred million on "Fortnite" via the App Store, Apple stated in advance withinside the trial. Apple’s software program chief Craig Federighi additionally took...

Steve Jobs’ #1 Design Principle

When Apple's best designers sat down with Steve Jobs to show him their ideas for iDVD, which failed, they wanted him to be amazed....

Leaked Xcode Crash Reporter Apple Silicon iMac

An iMac currently unreleased that works on what looks like an Apple Silicon chip has leaked into an Xcode Crash Reporter report file. When Apple...


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