Leaked Xcode Crash Reporter Apple Silicon iMac

An iMac currently unreleased that works on what looks like an Apple Silicon chip has leaked into an Xcode Crash Reporter report file.

When Apple moves its Mac line-up to first-party chips, reports and rumours show that the next online device is the iMac. Apple has reportedly been working on two all-in-one ARM Macs to replace the iMac 21.5-inch and iMac 27-inch.

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Amid those rumours, the feature of the Xcode Crash Reporter is an iMac device with an ARM chip.

Crash Reported By DraftCloud | Apple

A crash report file, shared by DraftCloud developer Dennis Oberhoff with 9to5Mac, indicates that the app crashed with an ARM Processor while running on an iMac. Currently, Apple does not sell an all-in-one chip with Apple Silicon, which makes the file unreleased.

A screenshot of the crash report file showing an ARM64 iMac. Credit: 9to5Mac | Apple

A screenshot of an ARM64 iMac crash report file. Loan: 9to5Mac

A crash report file screenshot that displays an ARM64 iMac. Loan: 9to5Mac

The upcoming Apple iMac refresh is reportedly one of Apple’s greatest visual redesigns in 2021. The new iMacs are rumoured to have a Pro Display XDR-like design and can be made available in new colours such as green and blue.

Details on the specifics of the lineup are still spotty. Some rumours suggest, for instance, that Apple is working on a 24 “model to replace the 21.5” iMac. This screen bump could indicate that the 27-inch iMac could also be replaced by an even larger model.

It is not clear whether the 2021 iMac lineup will be fitted with an Apple Silicon M1 or if it will be equipped with another system-on-chip iteration.

There is nothing to say when Apple could release the updated iMacs, but some signs could be a debut earlier than later. Apple recently discontinued the iMac Pro and has stopped producing some current iMac configurations of 21.5 inches.

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