Growth Of Women Entrepreneurs

Gender equality is a big question when it comes to business and starting a startup. Women entrepreneurs are increasing day by day. Earlier, women did not step into the business field. But the present trend shows that women have actively started stepping into the business field. They have hit the media tripping point. Further, 37% of the enterprises globally are owned by women in the formal sector.

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The aggregated data is indeed challenging. According to a recent report, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)  found 126 million women starting or running businesses. Meanwhile, 98 million operating established businesses.

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Women Entrepreneurs in the World

Therefore, we can say that nearly 224 million women impacting the global economy. Further, this survey counts only 67 of the 188 countries recognized by the World Bank. But if we count the remaining countries then we can observe a huge increase in the number.

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Women entrepreneurs across the globe have raised from a micro spectrum to a macro spectrum. Women stepped into this to cope up for the living but now they have started generating wealth. The business started may be big or small but the initiative is important. This can range from starting a beauty parlor to starting a business on your own domain.

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Meanwhile, women entrepreneurs tend to be more successful as they are more trusted in society. Further, the reports suggest that women-owned enterprises have outperformed the men owned.

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Initially, the startups may be initiated by an upper-class male who invests in them. But later it is taken up by females who significant change over the years. One of the most ignored things is that even many uneducated women also do their part to economically raise the family. Therefore, these women are inspiring many such women across the globe to stand on their own feet. There are many people who are finding it difficult to maintain a balance between their professional and personal life. But these women have et us an example of a perfect balance.

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Women Entrepreneurs

Further, we can see that there are many cultural and societal balances that stop women from entering into the entrepreneurial world. They have always tried to fight them and stand apart in society. Though they are subjected to many criticisms, they do not back out themselves rather focus on their goals.
Entrepreneurial activity creates growth and prosperity as well as solutions for social problems. Further, women are also good at maintaining long-term relationships with other companies and partners. This will in turn become a profit in a long run.
Therefore, every woman has the potential to become an entrepreneur.

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