Meet Lily, a girl around 3 years old demonstrating how Bitcoin works with candies

Lily, just 3 years old, has her own Facebook and Twitter program where she discusses her followers basic things (for now). She describes in her fifth chapter how Bitcoin works using sweet Skittles, their stuffed animals, and, yes, their guardians.

She began Lily’s show in August 2020 but posted a 2-minute video about Bitcoin on February 2, which still has doubts among many adults.

The data are based on the children’s book ” Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money.” written by Michael Caras.

In other words, it does not require a bank to operate. There are just 21 million in the world and Satoshi Nakamoto has created this bank, who he describes as “a mystery.” The little girl starts by stating that Bitcoin is “digital money decentralized.”

He uses wallets with sweets and wooden sections that represent Bitcoin wallets and blockchain in order to illustrate how a transaction works. She, her Teddy Bear, her Dolly, and her stuffed animals belong in her different purses.

This represents an operation that makes a tin of wood and when any of them are placed, it symbolizes the blockchain, which nobody can see, since it is anonymous. Each of the sweets (Skittles) is moved from one bag to another.

“why is it so expensive?” Lily asks. It clarified therefore that it is because of the protection of his possession: money cannot be stolen, bank account cannot be hacked, you only have access to a 12-digit code.

Little Lily finishes by taking off her glasses and telling her mother that her mother wants them not just to look clever and smooth, “silly mommy .”

The video finishes with a QR code so that people can donate to the college fund of Lily.

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