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You never know when inspiration will come. Sometimes it is in the most unlikely place, sometimes it is exactly where you expect it to be. Given the nature of last year, as the world reopens this summer, you may go out often. Don’t let the inspiring thoughts and feelings you experienced while thriving in the post-pandemic world be forgotten. With the Freewrite Traveler portable writing tool, you can record immediately after the experience occurs, without the hassle of dealing with pen and paper. Further, for entrepreneurs competing with billions of people, a wasteful idea is inexcusable.

AlphaSmart NEO: Why this crappy portable word processor is GREAT for  writing!

Successfully funded on Indiegogo, Freewrite Traveler is the ultimate non-disruptive portable writing tool designed for people on the go. It is fully equipped to eliminate the interference of browsers and notifications and the clumsiness of laptops, thereby helping modern writers stay focused and maximize productivity. The Freewrite Traveler E Ink monitor uses ambient light, which is very comfortable for the eyes and will not wash off in direct sunlight, just like Amazon Kindle.

Even better, you don’t need a writing tool to record your thoughts, because Freewrite Traveler has a full-size scissor-switch keyboard, and you can configure more than 30 different keyboard layouts, from QWERTY to DVORAK and more. The entire device weighs just 1.6 pounds and has a battery life of over 4 hours, making it well suited to take on a day trip. Internal flash memory stores over a million pages of drafts, and internal WiFi backs updrafts to the cloud without hassle. The Verge wrote: “Freewrite Traveler is a retro word processor, it is way ahead of the times.”

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