Wanna Become A Zen Entrepreneur?

Usually, when talking about entrepreneurship or business, the technology, process, business plan, or business model will be resolved immediately. This is also part of the motivation that is often dangerous in the entrepreneurial field without real preparation.

The biased view of entrepreneurship, the motivator “you can do it all!” Without real business training or advice, it may lead to hasty decisions or unnecessary risks, which usually lead to premature falling asleep. When we immediately turned to the technical part, we forgot the essence, basicity, and balance of the entrepreneur himself.

The Value of Meditation at Work

The company is a reflection of the person in charge. Only with inner peace can there be a peaceful company.

Entrepreneurship and business processes need to be balanced. There are many interacting variables. Each variable is as important as other variables. A wrong decision will seriously affect the entire process, our company’s name, target market, location, and model. Business, costs, financing, labels, colors, distribution, and advertising channels, law, accounting, the idea itself, of course, all this requires the entrepreneur’s emotional balance.

Entrepreneurship is a process; a combination of times, people, things, and situations that we must live.
Therefore, it is important to be close to all the intellectual and emotional tools that we have at our disposal to face the enormous challenge of starting a business. In this sense, this book brings us closer to the teaching that Zen must be in inner harmony, a necessary state for entrepreneurs or businessmen’s proper development and functioning.

First of all, we must clarify that Zen is not a religion. Although it originates from Indian Buddhism, we must know that the Buddha is not a god, but a kind of Human Enlightenment Method, this is not a natural state of mind, a state of calm and total clarity.

It is also worth mentioning that in addition to the various benefits for health and daily performance, this ancient knowledge and practice has survived and spread worldwide because it is very effective in cultivating the flexibility of the people who practice it. effective.

Understand that to live better, you must become better.

Meditation improves creativity, concentration, and leadership, improves memory and emotional intelligence, reduces negative stress, depression, job burnout, anxiety, and blood pressure. It can also strengthen the immune system. It can reduce body pain, eliminate insomnia, and reduce later periods of time. Symptoms of traumatic stress can occur during the severe stages of life. However, ZEN is not magic. It is not a miracle product that is packaged and easy to eat, nor is it a way to avoid problems. All the above content has been studied and proven in various scientific studies.

Meditation will not make you a monk, or you don’t have to shave your head, wear a robe, put yourself in an uncomfortable position, or leave society to live in a monastery mountain, ZEN is just Help your training in your busy business life.

In the end, the balance is here, no need to look for it, sometimes with a fragrance, you see something, a word, a small word, suddenly you find that you are calm, nothing disturbs you.

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