Are You Stuck At work?

The state of perfection, harmony and pleasure in life is not stagnant. No: this is not even the target, the job, the wage, the house or the organisation… You’re going to feel 100% full, at least not long. Life moves, and you are quickly stuck in a comfort zone that does not lead, like a little fish in a little fish tank, unless you move with it.

This doesn’t mean you should be unhappy. Instead: be thankful (and enjoy!) every step of the way; celebrate and share all the achievements with everyone. But don’t stop there. Don’t stay there. You will know that as soon as you feel your soul is stopped with hope and energy in your feet, it’s time to step and evolve.

Stuck In A Rut? How To Get Out of a Workplace Rut - The Rediscovery Of Me

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However, it seems often that life doesn’t permit us to expand. For so long we were trapped in the same work with the same stuff, and we began to get tired. As this goes on, the situation will become desperate as others step up the company’s ladder, begin ventures or do unbelievable things.

What are the stuff that could keep you on the road to the future?

You must build a map

Be careful: each person has their own way and life will soon turn into a paranoid nightmare as compared to others. Don’t care where people are or what signs of progress they seem to have. It’s a waste of time and health.

The question that is worth asking is where I am and what I am doing, are they taking me closer to the position where I want to be? Maybe this question will lead to another question, even deeper: and this is everything… Where do I want to be? Where do I want to be?

You know and I know that life cannot be limited to two weeks of fatigue (although many live like that, in their rat race). If you don’t go on, it could be that you don’t have a way to go forward. So, tell me: in 10, 20, 30 years, where do you want to be? What are your strengths and interests and how can you change other people’s lives? What’s your goal, what’s your dreams? What do you want to do before you say farewell to this world?

Stop dreaming is death’s first move. I know people who actually “take up” a career after the age of forty, to retire and then… Do nothing, then. Your life is not about retirement, but about the reason. Tell me what moves you? Tell me what moves you? And then move on. And move on.

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You have the direction you want to go. This is your map. This is your map. You will walk to it after you have set a goal. Any step, however little, is therefore a step towards progress. If not, you’ll just rotate around and touch the walls like a fly on the glass. If there’s no destination, it doesn’t matter and who wants to live like that?

You must learn something

School ends at 18 or 25. School never finishes. School never ends. If it is true that nobody knows anything, it is also true that throughout your whole life you are able to begin learning new patterns, abilities and expertise. What stops you? What stops you?

If you’re in a corporation or have your own business, you know that there are topics and environments you can and must know to develop.

You may need to study finance or administration or you may need to train your emotional mind. Perhaps you must learn to relax, diet healthier, or practise. Perhaps you must learn to let go, steer or paint.

It’s not just about corporate classes. Doing business is just part of what you do, and progress of any part of yourself can have beneficial effects on your business. Any new move to success costs: tension, time, family, health or income. And you have plenty to learn in each of these environments.

So read! So learn! You can start by searching for books or podcasts about subjects of interest to you, but I suggest that you search for structured programmes that require you (masters, classes, diplomas, sessions etc.) to force you to achieve your objectives. If you believe “all is well,” it is an indication you have entered a comfort zone.

This is not bad! This is not bad! But it can’t be permanent, like we said. Train your mind for the journeys you haven’t yet begun and it will be much easier to achieve your success.

You are not visible.

There is a certain level of internal turnover and movement in all organisations. It is normal and healthy in a growing and advancing company.

Yet some people get stuck too long in their post. Not because of lack of quality or ambition, but because of lack of publicity. I’m not suggesting here that you should be snooty or applaud every turn, let alone personally recognised for team tasks. There are few items that are as poisonous as the person who still needs the focus.

In parallel, you cannot accept a promotion or a new job with someone you do not know or are not on the radar. How can constructive and legal publicity be generated? The solution is simple: effort and imagination. You must offer more than you ask of us.

For decades, a guy who does his job well will be there. However, someone who puts his soul in his work, who creates art and inspiration, who is seeking new solutions and lifts his hand when it is important to raise it… he will soon discover new obstacles that drive him to rise. The world’s not a “good thing” – Seth Godin asks in his book “Are you indispensable? “-But the artists: those who take what they have and make something more through ingenuity.

You must leave the comfort zone

We still find comfort areas, areas where things appear to be going smoothly, where the floor doesn’t change too far, where we have everything we need. In my opinion, these areas of relaxation are the most common and serious threat in the world. As long as they are temporary, the comfort zones are good.

When they try to become permanent against their will, they tend to produce a mist that blinds their eyes, which does not encourage us to see beyond. They are ocean islands, but not destiny. You must get to them to relax, prepare and take stock… Soon to go out to shore, looking for the real treasure.

How can I break out of a comfort area? You don’t have to take stupid chances. It’s not about hopping, leaving your work or going the day after tomorrow to Luxembourg. Prompt choices are not the same as startups.

You just need to try other worlds instead. Find a class or hobby on Monday nights; plan a conference with people other than ‘the usual’; take a journey which calls and inspires you. Start a home project or a company in your spare time. Start tiny and dare not succeed. Discover new talents, passions and relationships. All this will give you material for creativity and mental and emotional escape routes to reach your own map of the destination.

You have to look for other possibilities

Finally… if you are already trapped in the same place and nothing works, it might be time to try seeking new jobs or business opportunities. I’m the last one to advise – normally – that people just go. A work is important and pays not only for money, but also for experience, passion and touch. But if the spot you are is not a place that takes you closer to your destination… Then schedule your exit with a calm head and seek other chances.

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This escape can be your own enterprise – you’re trying little by little before falling down your head – or any other organisation you’re looking for calmly, so nobody chases you. Or a dramatic shift in profession. The planet is large and you have to take courageous and courageous steps by changing cities or nations if you need that. The goal: not bored and defeated at the end of your life just because you didn’t dare believe that you would have another life.

I know you. I know you. You’re clever. You are innovative. You’re creative. You’re qualified. You’re above all free. Liberty is a faculty, but it is still a big obstacle. You are inside and not outside much of the walls that trap you. Try moving life by these tips: learning, moving, saving, raising your hand, and taking over your own moment. Creating your own destiny.

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