Benefits And Drawbacks Of Working In Startups

Like any other business, there are some benefits and drawbacks of working in startups. To get a better idea of what startups are, we need to know the benefits and drawbacks. So here in this following list I will pen down some of the advantages and disadvantages of working in a startup.

First, The Advantages Of Startups

Unique Experience

Working in a startup can be a unique experience. Contrary to standard offices, startups favour ‘casual attitude.’ You may find unconventional resources in the office. Or perhaps a gaming room in the hallway. Employees can work more efficiently in a stress-free workplace. Also, creativity becomes an important factor in the development of a business. Thus, stimulating workforce is very important in a startup.

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Workers Have A Lot Of Responsibilities

You’re employed in a startup based on your skills. But the founder may expect more from you. Usually, you’re supposed to work more than stated in the job description. So, working in a startup can be a good learning chance. Founder and employees work together. Since there’s no middle management in a startup, you get to work with the best people.

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You Innovate

There is no special post like a supervisor in a startup. And therefore, employees have to take the best decisions for the company. They also remain motivated. However, they also have to bear the consequences. A startups has to grow rapidly or it can shut down. Thus, an employee has to make the best use of his knowledge, skills and patience.

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Next, The Disadvantages

Workers Have Tremendous Workload

You will have to work a lot in a startup. You may not get many off days or vacations. These companies have to keep pace with the latest trends. That is why, employees have to put great amount of effort resulting in stress.

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Job Stability Or Security

You may like job but you can’t do it forever. 90% of startups fail in the first three years especially tech startups.

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Leadership Of The Founder

Usually, the founder leads his startup. And employees follow the founder. A founder may have a brilliant idea and using it he may collect some seed money. But that does not make him a good leader.

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Low Salary

Initially, you may not get a good salary. Investment is generally used for covering operating costs, product development and customer base.

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