SEO Indeed Matters Your Startup

For entrepreneurs, search engine optimization is an indispensable part of building a successful startup from scratch. However, according to digital growth expert Scott McGovern, many founders ignore this low-cost, high-yield business strategy.
A search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is a powerful tool for any start-up business, and there is no need to cut budgets. According to McGovern, there are seven reasons why optimization should be a priority for all business owners.

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SEO provides startup companies with data about customer behavior.

SEO found important data. The more search engine optimization research a startup conducts, the more data it has about what potential customers are looking for.
“When founders first started their business, they didn’t have a lot of data about their audience,” Scott McGovern said. “Over time, SEO helps to accumulate this data. They can continue to benefit from it for a long time after starting the business. “

Some of the best SEO tools to help you rank higher on Google offer free trials. Start-ups can see which words their customer audience uses to search for their goals. Founders can also perform their own Google searches and enter words relevant to their business.

From there, Google will automatically complete these words based on how often people search for them.

SEO will bring higher traffic and conversion rates.

SEO helps start-ups get traffic that can lead to conversions and revenue.
McGovern recommends not spending money on social media advertising and other marketing strategies. Instead, he recommends establishing SEO and keeping up with Google’s best practices.
“Maybe you’re installing a product or a publisher and trying to get an impression,” explained Scott McGovern. “If you can rank for specific keywords (like certain long-tail keywords) that have low search volume and low competitiveness, then you can start driving organic traffic.”

“It turns out that organic traffic comes from search traffic as Google has a 400% higher conversion rate than any other type of traffic besides email marketing,” he added.

It is free.

SEO and many of the tools required to use it (such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console) are available for free.
With the help of Google Analytics, you can view user behavior on a website or platform. The Google search console shows the founder exactly what was searched and how visitors got there. It can also identify broken links or 404s, which are harmful to SEO health.

“All it takes is time and money,” said Scott McGovern. “As a startup company, all you have is time. You can learn how to set up the entire process through the Google platform, whether you are using Shopify, WordPress, Magento, or whatever you are using.”

For companies seeking professional help, There are some ways to keep the cost low. When choosing the next SEO company

SEO helps startups make smart business decisions.

The same data that helps founders understand customer behavior can be used for other key startup operations. This information can be applied to the overall business strategy to inform the decisions made by the founders to achieve a successful startup and growth phase.

“Once you know the consumers, you can decide how to convert them. Then you can vertically integrate them by creating specific click channels for these specific users,” said McGovern.

“For example, you can say, “My user is a 24-year-old male who usually lives in this part of the country. “Then you can create content specifically for that specific user.

SEO data can also provide information for other business decisions.

“If a keyword is very effective, you can create other keywords based on keywords that have fewer searches,” McGovern explained. “Or there may be other long-tail keywords that can drive other traffic to get a higher conversion rate. “

Optimizing for Google can build consumer trust and value.

SEO helps startups build relationships with potential customers with the least effort. When a company appears high enough in search results, it builds customer trust. From there, companies can work hard to build respect and credibility, which is necessary for new brands that rely on digital channels for conversion.
“For the last company that did this, we collected 180,000 emails from organic traffic,” McGovern explained. “Whether people sign up for a newsletter or want discount alerts when they see your search results on Google, it will automatically create intrinsic value for consumers who can trust your business.”

SEO Optimization established a long-term Audience.

Paid advertising achieves short-term results at high prices.
SEO helps businesses provide visitors with the content they want. In contrast, search engine optimization will have no traffic by the time the ad is exhausted but will build an audience over time.
“The better and more popular your content, the stronger your SEO will be over time because other sources link to you and Google will reward you for providing quality information instead of spam,” explained Mai Govin.

Of course, SEO requires constant maintenance.
“Google is constantly updating its algorithms, which may or may not affect your business,” he added. “Search is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but a continuous process of keeping up to date.”
This is why it is important to keep up to date on SEO marketing trends in 2019.

SEO provides results for startups.

Establishing a digital image is essential for any startup company, no matter what industry it is. The best way to gain popularity, brand equity, and appeal is through SEO. Optimization tools make it easy for companies to access data about their audiences. Additionally, search engine optimization is the cheapest way to build a customer base and inspire consumer confidence.

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