Have An Education Company In LA?

The ‘Australian EdTech Mission in Latin America’ program will focus on identifying business prospects, accelerating the entrance into the latent market of Victorian Edtech firms, and being part of the Latin America education and innovation community, in partnership with the Global Edtech Impact Alliance.

Top 14 Companies in the Smart Education and eLearning Industry 2019 |  Technavio

These Australian edtech companies will give presentations and presentations to a network of Latin American education leaders to create a local profile, develop a significant network of potential investors and customers, and place themselves in the region.

They have technological platforms in the following sectors:

  • K12 schools
  • Higher education
  • Business training
  • Professional development

What about Latin America?

Latin America has one of the fastest-growing higher education enrolment rates in the world before the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to The Economist, over 95 percent of the 150 million students in the country lived at the height of the pandemic in 2020.

Governments, K12 colleges, colleges and universities in the area are therefore intensifying their efforts in order to ensure the quality of the delivery of education, to invest in enhancing their management capability and online delivery, including the following innovations, for example:

  • Management programs for learning
  • Online training, including the creation of platforms and materials.
  • Learning English Gamification English
  • Online Evaluations
  • Professional training and growth
  • During the last three years, as venture capital funding in the technological sector in Australia has risen rapidly, education technology providers in Victoria are well placed to play a role in transforming education in Latin America.

Australia’s EdTech and Innovation Showcase will take place at the conclusion of the mission. This event is open to all educational practitioners involved in learning more about the Edtech culture of Victoria.

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