Leadership Lesson From Elon Musk

As personal development expert Tony Robbins said, “Success leaves clues.” So when people are successful in your field, you should try to learn from them. Whether you love them or hate them, if their style is different from yours, or if you like or don’t like their business: if they are successful, their experience will serve you well.

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you know Elon Musk is full of news and Tesla’s stock price has been going up. This means that it makes sense to see what Musk is doing and what you can learn from him.

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This does not mean that everything you do is very suitable for your industry, but there are certainly some core themes that can be applied. These are the lessons I learned from observing Musk’s application to my own and well-trained business.

If you fall, stand up again.

Like all successful people, Musk has experienced failures. He was removed from the post of CEO of his company Zip2. When his company X.com merged with Confinity to become PayPal, he was quickly removed from the position of CEO of PayPal. In addition, Tesla and Musk’s space exploration company Space X was on the verge of bankruptcy. But none of this stopped him. When Musk fell, he stood up again, stronger and more capable.

In career, nothing goes exactly as planned. The difference between winners and losers is the number of times someone is willing to try again and learn from each previous attempt. If you can overcome your hurt self and understand the lessons of past failures, you will go a long way. If you can’t, you won’t. It’s that easy.

Personal Branding Matters

In many ways, Musk’s brand is bigger than the company he founded. This is because he understands the importance of personal branding. When Musk does something, he will bring his personal brand, so no matter where he ends, he can cash in his public relations capital.

Nowadays, personal branding is important to everyone from employees to founders. By promoting yourself as an expert in your chosen field, you can ensure that people know, like, and trust you before they see your product or service. If you can build a brand for yourself, not just your business, then you have an asset that you can carry with you outside of your current company.

Be Different

Musk is not your typical CEO, to put it mildly. He often posts memes on Twitter. He expressed his thoughts in lieu of the elaborate statements written by the public relations team made by most directors of public companies. This can get you into trouble at times, but in a crowded attention economy, Musk is sure to stand out.

Although you may not like being “outside” like Musk, there is definitely a lesson to be learned. Simply put, doing things the way others do will give you the results that others get. If you want to be different, you need to be different. If you want to stand out, you must risk making mistakes. If you want to be known, some people will not please you. However, if you can overcome the fear of being judged, being different will have a real impact on your business growth.

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