Low-Cost Marketing Strategies

Let’s be realistic. Marketing can be expensive. With such an emphasis on digital marketing, the only way to be successful seems to be to buy ads or pay for SEO. Although both methods are very popular and useful marketing methods, there are also many marketing strategies that are very inexpensive, if not free. These four low-cost marketing strategies create natural traffic and exposure for your business, and they all emphasize the most important factor in marketing – your target demographic.

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The network is one of the most effective marketing strategies that everyone can use, and there are many ways to do it. First of all, LinkedIn is a fully dedicated platform for the Internet. Based on experience, you should add everyone who shakes hands or talks to you, including clients, similar businesses, etc. By building a personal brand through LinkedIn, you can promote your corporate brand. To make it easier to build a network, you can create a group page for your business or join a local business group and interact with existing members and audiences to increase the exposure of your business.

LinkedIn is far from the only way to build a network. The Internet is a way of thinking and a method that prioritizes people rather than jobs and companies. By putting people first, you can determine who you need to know the most and what you can do for them. You can then market your business to a wider audience in a less obvious and more effective way.

The best part about the web is that you can basically do this with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Is there a local business association hosting the meeting? Join up. The branch of the marketing association in your city? Join that too. Start taking advantage of any opportunity that allows you to meet new friends.

Build partnerships.

Have you ever heard the phrase “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back”? This is exactly how the association works.

Suppose you have a car dealership and you have a beauty salon and an auto repair shop on the road. If you work with an auto repair shop, you can recommend the personnel there to perform repairs and keep your business cards or flyers at your dealership. In return, car retailers can recommend them to dealers when people need to buy, sell, or trade cars, and they can keep business cards or brochures in the store. If they mention a partner company recommending them, there may even be a discount.

Building partnerships can promote your business to the customer base of other companies, and vice versa. This is especially effective for local businesses because it can foster a sense of unity and support within the community. People are particularly receptive to suggestions from companies they already trust and have a positive experience, and you can take advantage of these suggestions through partnerships. You are profitable, competent in marketing, and will build your reputation.

Ask for comments.

In addition to evaluating your business on Google, the only thing people care about is the feedback from previous customers. I once found a rental property that interested me. When looking for real estate reviews, I found a Facebook page full of very enthusiastic negative reviews about the company. After reading all the negative experiences of other clients with the agency, I was surprised and warned many friends to avoid renting or buying properties from them based solely on these reviews.

What your customers say about you is the clearest indication of how customers will experience you in the future. By allowing customers who have had a positive experience to write a quick review on Facebook or Yelp, you can rack up endorsements and coupons. Also, if someone is willing to take the time to write a review, they will likely recommend your business to friends and family for future needs. All of this is at almost no cost, allowing your clients to market for you.

According to Carlos Fearn, a marketing consultant at Rankology, “Consumers trust online reviews almost as if they were recommended by a friend. In today’s online society, companies must encourage their customers to post reviews on major social networks and portals. Show how satisfied they are with the company.”


Helping people before they really need you is a marketing strategy. A) It may not even be a “real” marketing strategy. B) The rewards are great. An easy way is to add a blog component to your corporate website, where you can provide useful tips and insights related to your business. The only thing that will cost you is your time. By writing a blog on topics you already know, you can promote a friendly reputation that benefits your customers.

For example, if you work in a bakery, share some simple recipes during the holidays, or provide baking tips for people with food allergies. By providing real utility to the types of customers who use the information you provide, you can build a relationship that establishes your business as a useful authority. People tend to value being helpful rather than aggressive. If someone uses the tips or recipes on your bakery website, this may be your first thought when you need sweets during your lunch break.

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