Miss Universe 2020-21

The 2020 competition Miss Universe was broadcast live from Hollywood, Florida, on 16 May 2021.

Read on for the night champions, starting with the Miss Universe 2020 award winner.

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Who’s Won Miss 2020-2021

Miss Universe’s winner last year was Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa. Due to COVID-19 delays, she is the longest-reigning Miss Universe in competition history. Before the crowning of Miss Universe 2020, Tunzi went on stage for the last time before giving up her crown.

Before the winner was revealed, the fourth rider to be Miss Dominican Republic was confirmed.

Miss India was the third runner-up.

Miss Peru was the second runner-up.

And the last two were Miss Brazil and Miss Mexico, but the winner was Miss Mexico. Andrea Meza, Miss Mexico, was revealed to be the new Miss Universe. Along with a sash and flowers, she got her crown. Then Meza took her first stage walk as Miss Universe 2020.

Final 5: Miss Universe 2020-2021

Peru is finishing in the Top 5! #MISSUNIVATION

And the final five started with Miss Mexico’s announcement and Miss India’s. The next revealed was Miss Brazil. The next place was offered to Miss Dominican Republic, followed by Miss Peru.

The top five contestants had to take part in a question round of 30 seconds to answer.

First, Miss Mexico was up. Her concern was whether she would have managed COVID-19 if she were the leader of her country. She said she would have locked down sooner than she did, saying that “taking care of our people is critical.”

Then Miss India took her question on stage. It was asked if countries should open their borders and face more outbreaks of COVID-19. She said that nothing is more critical than your wellbeing and that you are able to balance your health against the economy.

The question Miss Brazil asked was why certain countries believe that women are “incapable” of being world leaders. She answered that women are the leaders of their lives and that they want them to “take over.”

Next, Miss Dominican Republic was asked about the value of teaching young girls leadership. Her answer was that since she comes from a family full of women, she has been helped to become who she is today. She said she didn’t need a title to help and serve people.

Miss Peru was last and her concern was about the sexual or domestic violence of women. She said she admires their strength and they’re both survivors and heroes. She said, “Let nobody silence your voice.”

Then came the final statements, first Mexico. Her comment was about changing expectations of appearance. She said culture is more advanced, but beauty isn’t about how people look. It’s about the souls of people and how they love each other.

The declaration of Miss India was on freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate. Over the years, she used this to uphold women’s rights. She said that using your voice with power is crucial.

Then Miss Brazil took the stage to talk about mental health. She said that normalising conversations about anxiety and depression is necessary. She said, “Our power is our totality.”

The issue of Miss Dominican Republic was global poverty, and she said that her country’s poverty rate continues to rise. She said it makes her proud to represent her country in order to draw attention to the help it needs.

Miss Peru was the last to make her comment on climate change. She said that saving the earth “is our joint duty.” She said that teaching younger generations to care for the Earth is necessary.

With Luis Fonsi playing next to them, each of the top five contestants took the stage for their final look.

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