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A large part of our reality continues to shift to social networks. There will be 3.78 billion social media users in 2021, and this number is expected to increase by 3.9% by 2025. Among them, the rapid increase in the number of social media users stems from people’s perception of quick access to high-quality information.

Social media is more than just a tool. Without us, we cannot survive. This is an autonomous industry that has changed the way humans work, acquire knowledge, share experience and collaborate. Social networks are expected to exist for a long time, especially their latest trends based on audio and virtual reality, in order to continue to meet the most important needs of mankind: real social communication.

These five new social media platforms are worth watching because they try to connect easily in their own way.

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The clubhouse is a social network that quickly became popular after being interviewed by Elon Musk on the platform. In 2021, he reached 2.2 million downloads with his minimalist room talk concept. The
platform gathers people in the same field under different topics. By focusing on any available topic, the user will be notified of the room where the audio conversation takes place. There are the speaker’s profile photo, user name, and live audio material.

Despite a significant rise in popularity earlier this year, the clubhouse has given up its status. However, according to the comments of a Sensor Tower spokesperson, the retention rate of its users is still high.
The clubhouse is an invitation-only application. New users can join by invitation of existing users or by entering the waiting list. Although it was initially only released for iOS users, recently Android users can access the Clubhouse.


EduDo is a self-developed media platform designed for those who are ready to get better and more skilled in any field, from food piracy to space technology.

This application connects those who are willing to share knowledge with those who want to master it. People can share their knowledge on topics such as money and business skills, math and physics, art and culture, technology and food. This tool helps to integrate personal development into your life.


MeWe announced that it is a platform that solves an important problem of social networks: the privacy of user data.
MeWe provides opportunities to chat, share audio, photos, and video materials, and create a synopsis of the areas that matter most to you. MeWe claims that the application’s algorithms will not use your data to manipulate the feeds anyway. Users only see the content they choose to follow, and there are no advertisements or suggestions because the platform will not sell the data of its registered users to third parties for targeted activities.


Caffeine is a redesigned live broadcast platform that brings together entertainers, players, and athletes in one place.

This platform was created by a former Apple designer in 2018 and will become more popular in 2020. Caffeine allows users to share live broadcasts with friends and fans, and they can also play video games directly from a computer or TV screen. Since the video is played in real-time, all interactions are natural, as if the participants were in the same room.

streams are displayed in the feed and users can interact with them via emojis or comments. Caffeine has attracted many celebrities, allowing them to deliver content directly to their audience.


is different from other photo-sharing apps, the images in Dispo are only posted the next morning and cannot be edited or viewed. Automatic filters are applied to the image, as in a disposable camera. Therefore, you can get more realistic and natural photos. To enter Dispo, you must get an invitation from your users. After registering, everyone will receive 20 invitations.

Decades ago, it might sound strange to join someone’s live or recorded training to improve your grades or learn some new practical skills. Today, those who lack a basic knowledge of online learning tools can lose their lives. Make sure to catch up with the wave of social media platforms before the wave hits.

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