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Have you ever thought about starting your own blog? Ever wondered what is needed, not just to start that blog, but to successfully establish it over time to make money online or generate passive income? Obviously, you are not alone. Millions of people try to blog, but few people really get a substantial income from their efforts.

However, if you blog to make money and you are not really passionate about writing in the first place, then you are wasting your time. The art of blogging is not just scientific or formulaic. If there is no ingrained passion for your craft, you will face a wave of frustration and frustration.
Why? Although starting a blog is relatively simple, generating traffic from your hard work and profiting from it is a daunting task. You need concentration and persistence to attract audiences or get your prose to mass saturation. It takes time, and it also takes a long time to stay up late.

Believe me. As a blogger who has built a huge platform with hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, I can bathe in the warm light of success. However, I can’t sit for long to enjoy the freedom and passive income created by my blog. If you don’t keep adding insatiable content, any blog can disappear.
So, how to create a successful blog and make money online? I think it depends on what you think is successful and what you think is profitable. If, like millions of other potential bloggers, you want to make money, you still have a long way to go.

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However, if you are willing to invest time and energy, and can persist for many years (yes, I did say a few years), then of course you can earn considerable income online. In fact, your blog can be said to be one of the best hubs for generating passive income. With the right method, no matter what industry or market segment you are in, you can attract the right customers.

Well, if I haven’t deterred you yet, you really want to start the next Mashable or TechCrunch or whatever else you can think of otherwise. very successful in your eyes, so this is what you need to do step by step. The more you prepare and plan, the more likely you are to be successful in the long run

Choose a topic

Be clear about what you want to write. Define a theme or niche and design everything around these things. This not only helps you focus on writing but also creates digital products and services that complement your content.
This allows you to attract customers, attract them with informational posts, then use magnets to attract them, and then place them in your sales funnel (more on this later).

Choose a platform

Although WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform, there are other platforms that can be used, such as microblogging platforms such as Tumblr,, and even Medium. However, if you are serious about your blog work, you may want to install self-hosted WordPress on a custom domain.
Although you can set up a blog with subdomains on (for example,, you will get more attractive with self-hosted solutions and then you can use subdomains on popular platforms for content marketing efforts.

Choose a domain name

If you really want to make money from the blog you started, a custom domain name is important. Rather than relying on a third-party hosted subdomain, look for a short but relevant domain name that is keyword-rich (if possible) that describes your target topic, industry, or niche. Use BlueHost, HostGator, 1 & 1 Hosting, or any number of other domain name providers to get your domain.
If you are completely concerned about SEO and the like when choosing a domain name, you should follow the suggestions below:

  • Use a well-known top-level domain (TLD), such as .com or .net
  • Keep the domain short, no more than 15 characters
  • Try not to buy hyphenated domains as they are more frequently associated with spammers
  • Avoid using self-hosted subdomains to classify or classify posts

Find one good hosting company

There are many good hosting companies out there. If you want to create a self-hosted WordPress blog, there are almost endless options. The important thing is to conduct due diligence and choose the correct method that fits your budget, and ensure that service levels and uptime guarantees are provided.
Initially, you may want to start with hosted WordPress solutions or Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and then expand from there. Ultimately, once you get through thousands of visitors every day, you may need a dedicated hosting solution with a CDN (below).

Caching and Content Delivery Network (CDN)

It uses systems such as W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache and enables browser caching to ensure faster delivery of web pages. At first, it didn’t seem to matter. But as you grow and your traffic increases to thousands of visitors every day, this will be crucial. Use Google Page Speed ​​Insights for testing before and after installation.
There are many ways to monetize your content and make money from your blog, but don’t try to cut corners in the process. If you are serious about long-term results, don’t rush for success. Take action and persevere.

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