High Performers With High Energy

Do you really want to be with people in your life because they have great energy? This is one of the secrets of performers: their enthusiasm for the world draws other performers. I want to share one of my secrets with you and three simple ways to create energy for high performers.

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The force of happiness

How we feel deeply affects our job performance, social experiences and unforeseen difficulties. Mediacrity is easy to improve, not so easily improved if you are a high performer. Of course, the challenge is difficult for anyone who feels the need to succeed. When you want to invest in relationships, families and the rest of your life you can be exhaustive and daunting.

Research has shown that joy is one of our greatest predictors of a good life. However, if not, our success and involvement with our peers may be detrimental. Feeling joy encourages us to raise our mind, body, and emotions, exceeding our behaviors and pursuit of achievement. Trusting in the ability to choose joy in any situation gives high-performance people the ability to produce energy. Yes, as human beings, they have the natural negative feelings that we all feel. However, they know how to prepare emotions and actively guide their thinking to induce positive energy. They remain in positive states for longer by actively practicing these.

Start with a question for your morning

The first tip is something you can do at the start of your day. High-performers also ask themselves questions or visualize positive results at the beginning of their days so that they can produce joyful energy as soon as they wake up. It inserts gratitude and enthusiasm for their day: “What can I be excited about today, or what will it be?” Anticipation can be as strong as the event itself when hormones, including dopamine, are released.

They really think about how to deal with the possibility of future stressful circumstances, in as much as they look forward to positive results: “What could stress me and how can I handle this in a safe and positive way?” Putting this question loudly and in a second person, perspective helps a “self-coach” perspective to train you for anything. As if you helped a friend in a difficult situation. Psychologists call this practice ‘cognitive defusion’ to aid in disfiguring and controlling the problem.

Share optimistic sentiments

Second, the high performers are “aware spreaders of goodness,” who seek to lead all social interactions into fun and focus on what they are thankful for on a regular basis: “What can I do to share a moment of love with someone?” A two-fold shot of goodness comes when you feel grateful to others and a second when you share it. This will regularly help you feel excited about meeting new challenges and appreciating others.

High performers don’t wait for joy; they’re bringing it. To help achieve behaviours, it will help to create a set of stimuli. A individual I know uses “notification stimuli” to remind him all day long. He is going to mark his alarm “BRING THE JOY” three times a day. His alarm conditions his mind when going through daily movements, to put positivity in his day.

Engage the body and mind.

My third favourite tip to share with you is that high-performing people find happiness based on how they think, concentrate and think about their happy moments. They produce good energy themselves. It raises them, but serves others as well. Another essential element in performing highly is to energise the body with physical movements and breathing techniques. You also take care of your mind while you take care of your body. This is why I try to get out with my clients as much as possible, fly fishing, riding and more. A nutritious food, more sleep and more exercise alleviates physical stress, allowing you to feel better and make the most of your mind.

What is often missed is that energy is physical, emotional, and mental and can make your life happier. If you think about your contributions to the community, you must make sure that your best work is achieved.

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