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As it is the beginning of a new year, there is no better time than to think about how you and your team can be overloaded during the year. This may not be at the top of your list. However, this would increase performance, competitiveness, and morality. And along the way, it will allow you and your team to flourish and become more prosperous people.

How to build a powerful team - Get Ahead

Holding yourself and your team motivated can seem like a fight uphill. But here are 12 ways to keep everyone in your company vigorous this year.

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Prioritize yourself and each employee’s time.

You probably think, but John, I don’t have time. Moreover, it seems irrelevant. I’d counter this point by suggesting that both ideas are incorrect.

First, you should take the time to meet every member of the team. You’re going to have to make the effort. I recommend that you block time for this activity in your schedule. Ideally, that’d be when you plan to take a break already. However, if that is not feasible, do an interview with your employee during an energy drop or when your schedule is blank. Each team member may plan a lunch or schedule more one-on-one. You can also take a walk and chat about my favorite. Only walk around the office to meet quickly.

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Both of the above are easy ways to talk to your team so you can get to know them more and check-in with them. Knowing more about each individual will help you better decide what motivates you, where you can use help and when it’s most productive. Above everything, it shows that you really care for them.

Also, don’t forget to schedule yourself a time. Take a break to think about what you have done and how you will change in the next year.

Gamify the major activities.

As Deep Patel states in a previous article by the entrepreneur, gamification “transforms a job into a game to inspire you.” The reason it is so successful is that “it provides a feeling that every time we accomplish a task we are rewarded, however small it may be. It makes our success concrete and it leads us to continue to push.”

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In addition to gambling small and repetitive activities, attempt the most important tasks of the day with this strategy. Here are a few examples that you might use:

Employees gain points to achieve an objective.

Leaderboards will foster healthy competition when everyone is a top performer.

Employees receive a tangible decoration or inscription for their achievements.

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Show thanks.

Want to boost the well-being of your team? How about keeping them loyal, inspired and committed? All of this can be achieved by gratitude. Research has shown how strong appreciation can be. Best of all, implementing is simple.

Write handwritten gratitude notices if anyone goes above and beyond. Give shouts at the beginning of meetings. Reward the team with the gifts and benefits they will enjoy. And celebrate together achievements. You’d think it’d be fast, and it could be. Only put your plan on your calendar and be more careful. It works best for me to pay close attention once a month to subtle topics, so I program them for the first week of the month in my calendar.

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Furnish ergonomic furnishings and tools.

Ergonomic furnishings keep the staff comfortable, safe and happy. This in turn makes them more effective and profitable. Invest in ergonomic seats, tableware, anti-fatigue pads, monitors and keyboard sleeves if you don’t have yet done so.

Ask your team if you can’t think what your office wants. They keep track of the latest office products.

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Hold a challenge to fitness.

There is certainly a link between health and productivity. And while there is plenty of research to support this point, it is obvious, I think. How energetic are you after you have lunch with a bacon cheeseburger? Are you active when you just sleep for three hours? What’s your endurance when you feel lethargic and sick all the time?

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At Calendar, we have introduced a wellness challenge that encourages us to adopt healthier habits. Everyone is motivated by healthy competition to lose weight, to be more active, and to eat better.

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You can do it through the leaderboards and dedicated slack channels of your company to egg others. You can also provide healthy snacks and fitness facilities. And more walking meetings are held instead of the conventional meeting of the conference room.

Don’t lose the big picture in sight.

We were all asked at some point if we’re efficient or just busy? As a consequence, we lose attention and get disengaged.

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To counter this, remind yourself and your team often that your work has a meaning, however insignificant a task might seem. It’s an easy way to regenerate everyone from top to bottom and keep their sights on the prize.

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The Calvary Call.

Are there periods during the year when your company is busier than others? For instance, tax or holiday season? If so, you may wish to employ additional hands to minimize the workload of others, such as temporary staff, freelancers, or partial staff.

Although you and your team can hope to spend a long time in the peak seasons, additional assistance can prevent everyone from getting burnt. This is mostly because they have no more time to devote on less important activities. And they have another person to help them complete their tasks.

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Take the method 6-3-5.

Working in a group may often lead to compliance and less ideas. However, there will be occasions when cooperation is required. If this happens, ignite the imagination of your team with the 6-3-5 strategy.

This is where you split your team into mixed classes, also known as brainwriting. Each community consists of six people who have been asked to write down three ideas in a worksheet in five minutes. Each person passes his ideas on to the next person after five minutes, who adds three more ideas. Continue the six-round process or until the sheet is full.

You should have more than enough new and varied ideas to draw on when completed.

Shake things up.

We lose momentum often because we are caught in a rot. Every time you remember, shock the machine a little. Let employees focus on various tasks, for example. Let them function elsewhere. And, even though it is a working week for four days, allow more flexible schedules.

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Go beyond the place of work.

I don’t mean prying in the personal lives of your employee. After all, the distinction and balance between work and home must be obvious. But you can support the team to achieve this balance in certain ways.

You should encourage them to work with their pets. Because they are not concerned about running around, they may be able to stay longer to care for their four-legged mates. Animals are also beneficial for stress reduction.

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You can also invite family members to work on events so they can spend more time with their partner while respecting their work responsibilities. You may also suggest recruiting or signing up for a food service when workers are crunched for time, such as having just a child.

Use reversals as opportunities for learning.

If someone makes a mistake, don’t freak out. I know it will be exhausting and furious. But can that solve the problem? Does this promote a supportive and constructive working climate. Of course not. Of course not.

Using errors and losses instead of learning opportunities. For example, unlike undermining your workers, ask them what went wrong and how they can change. Find out what you can do to successfully support them. Perhaps you must focus on your communication skills.

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This not only keeps the team energetic, but also encourages them to learn and be responsible.

Help the team save time.

Finally, since we lack the time management skills we need, we get drained of resources. That could sound evident. But we were all guilty of that. We spend so much time, for example, on a less significant job which should have been assigned. It’s after our first biological moment, when we get to a priority.

While it is not anticipated that you solve all the time management problems of your team, there are ways to help. Sit down and share time management ideas such as how to prioritize your time. You will also avoid planning unnecessary meetings to see if they are fully capable before new tasks are assigned. Finally, break the team’s habit of upsetting when they’re away — that means not giving them a bunch of e-mail on weekends and weekends.

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