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Repetition, duplication and needless paperwork all too frequently slow down industry. Oracles members share their systems to rationalise their business as a Swiss watch.

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AI and machine learning implementation.

Your business metrics can now be converted into data points and these data points can then be transferred to an artificial intelligence engine that optimizes many things, including price and marketing expenses. It is important to become familiar with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Get your business on Google Cloud or Azure from Microsoft. Google Cloud has built-in automation software, and you can instantly receive the latest advances as Google updates it daily. Microsoft Azure is just behind them and is competitively priced. You can achieve optimum productivity and turbocharge your company with the right machine-learning software.

Establish revenue and market cycles

When a customer shows interest and finishes when they purchase a sales period begins. You market and push customers towards your product or service over a business cycle. Most people don’t have the resources to start a business cycle. Big businesses live in the economic cycle. They spend money on traffic development. To automate, you need a business cycle that keeps your business under constant eyeballs.

Look for repeat.

In order to find missed automation opportunities, I bring my team together to talk about what we do. Then we search for an integrated solution that can execute the job better or better, and provide outstanding service. We were very effective in taking menial tasks such as sorting and answering emails and automating them. This improved the customer experience rather than damaged it.

Make it quick and easy to repeat.

In order to be reliable, automation does not have to be complicated. More maintenance is required and vulnerable to breakage for a complicated system. Every day, people apply for our program and make an appeal with one of our growth coaches. Our author’s connection matches the requests with appointments, so that calls are evenly distributed and appointments are easily booked.

Have a nuclear squad, plus ninja business owners.

“The best management style, Sam Walton, Walmart’s founder, isn’t micro-administration or totally hands-off; it’s to look at the shoulder.”

No one is doing it well, so I recruit a flood of “ninja contractors” for unique tasks such as social media, email marketing and copywriting. In the meantime, my tiny team of full time handles everything else, looking over their shoulder.

Automation means constructing the most successful squad. You reduce costs by outsourcing complex tasks to contractors. And as you’re not the only source of their money, they don’t drag things out.

Work just 20 minutes a day.

I set up my e-commerce company, so I only need 20 minutes a day to keep things going. First, I ran it all, then eventually substituted myself. My hurdle was to trust someone to do my work. But often they get much better than you when you spend time and money in others!

Training new employees and establishing standard operating procedures is necessary so that the team can solve problems. I copied all my email threads to a folder for my first customer service agent. I will answer any questions a customer may have at the time, so when an inquiry came in, she knew exactly how to answer it.

Enabling, educating and outsourcing.

It is crucial to have a team that owns your company. Set and promote consistent policies and procedures. Educate the team by offering supporting and ongoing mentorship and skills evaluation using the Socratic approach.

Then, externalise the needs with trusted professionals in areas such as marketing, distribution, accounting, collections, bookkeeping, and incoming calls. This keeps the company going.

Streamline task and coordination management.

We use Slack and Trello to centralise messages and activities to ensure that nothing breaks through.

Establish specified roles such that a virtual assistant is able to route tasks to the relevant team member. Terminations may be automated tools such as ScheduleOnce.

For systems for employees, I use a two-stage process: film a job with a tool like Loom and break the video down into a checklist of steps.

Engage in a five-step plan.

One, learn all yourself. Learn the key positions inside and outside so that you can substitute yourself. Two, don’t waste the money of the business. Pay yourself a wage and spend it only. You know your weakness, three. Three. The intelligent investment I’ve ever made was the hiring of a COO. He took my weakness (documentary procedures) and made it our organization’s strength. Four, know the mental composition that every job needs and employ for it. Five, let go of it! There are people in your company who are much better than you. Confide in them to do their work.

Be patient, with a touch of humanity.

Unless your new company is an app, most companies need personal attention and a “human touch.” A new company cannot be automated from the box.

Be polite. Be patient. Take the time to make sure that your company works smoothly and maintain a personal human touch as you expand. Figure a way over time to automate only certain areas that would not impact customer service.

You don’t want to lose a new company first time because the method isn’t uniquely tailored to your experience.

Commit to constant enjoyment.

When I first met Issy Sharp, Four Seasons Hotel’s founding member, he told me something stuck with me: “The predictable is systematized. Humanize the extraordinary.”

I frequently ask all entrepreneurs I mentor one specific question: “How can you build once and enjoy it many times?” High-ranking personalities feel like they need to engage at any touchpoint to delight customers. This is an operationally confounding mistake.

Email automation is one of the easiest methods of “humanly” automating. I have used platforms such as Emma and ConvertKit to offer pre-written email sequences that will not remove credibility and deliver pleasure.

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