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What makes a true leader in the market? From an essential point of view, the bill definitely fits companies with exceptional income and revenue growth. It regularly takes a market share out of the competition, as do companies with leadership in their respective industries. Another way to examine market leadership is to recognize stocks in sharp patterns. This might mean institutional purchases by mutual funds, banks, and other sophisticated investors.

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After the large rebound in growth stocks at the beginning of this year, it was very important to see what companies are rebounding as fast as possible. Several prominent stocks have already resumed their upward trend and show incredible relative strength in the area of growth. Let’s look at three growth stocks that are currently showing market leadership.

Payments Shift4 Inc. (NYSE:FOUR)

This stock reached 17 percent in April and last week reached new all-time highs. Something that is noteworthy because many of the more successful growth stocks remains well off their highs. Shift4 Payments is a leading supplier of advanced technology and payment processing solutions. It is a common name in the payment space because it offers technology that links e-commerce. It also links brick-and-mortar traders with loads of different payment back-end processors.

The technology of this business enables more than 350 software providers in various industries. The stock also represents a strong reopening game, as many of its customers have been affected severely by the pandemic. This including restaurants and hotels. Shift4 Payments saw a recent rise in transaction volume. Recently announced final payment volume in March of $3.3 billion, up 40% from February and up 82 percent over the year. It is a rare growth stock that stands out because of its recent strength on the market, which is a major reason why investors should have it on their purchasing lists.

Snapshot (NYSE:SNAP)

Another growth stock that rapidly bounced back from the recent decline is Snapchat. This company has developed a unique social media site for people to interact with short videos and pictures. Any of the short videos or photographs captured in the application are called a Snap. Snapchat continuously encourages its users to create more content and contribute with its special camera filters.

If you think about how advertising is moving online, it’s easy to realise the value of an enterprise with a large, rapidly growing social media network. Including 265 million daily active users and over 5 billion daily snaps, Snapchat has grown an average of loyal follow-up. Last quarter, daily active users experienced 20% year-over-year growth, with sales up 62% year-over-year to $911 million. Take into account the possibility if Snapchat explores new ways of monetising or acquiring its platform in the coming months. The stock was up 16% in April and is worth a look during pullbacks or consolidation periods.

Square (NYSE:SQ)

Difficult to deny that Square has been a market leader in growth over the last year. So it is a stock that should be one of the first choices on your shopping list. Square reached 14 percent in April and for a number of reasons is an interesting choice in the Fintech space. As a payment and point of sale business for traders, Square is well placed to benefit from the generalized transition towards electronic payments. The Cash App of the company is also a fascinating element of its business. It provides an individual payment network that allows customers to easily manage their financial transactions.

The company posted Q4 net sales of 3.16 billion dollars, 141 percent over the past year, as well as announcing that the share of cash-free companies has more than doubled after one year of COVID-19. This is the kind of statistics that shareholders want to read. I also note that Square gives investors cryptocurrency exposure, provided that in February this year, the firm purchased $170 million in bitcoin. In conclusion, Square is a hyper-growth business with a lot of support, which is why it is a stock that remains a market leader.

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