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Walk down West 23rd Street in Chelsea, New York, and you will see a fashionable building. At first glance, it may look like a typical brownstone or apartment building. If you take a closer look, you will see a falling LED sign and a set of transparent tubes and devices that have fallen from the walls of the building. What’s in it now? An artistic experience from another world.

The building is The Cell, a non-profit collective immersive art space that serves as a theater and gallery in the townhouse, incubating and sharing the works of unconventional new artists in New York City. In this week’s show, we interviewed co-founder and art director Kira Simring and associate producer Jonah Levy to learn more about the history of the foundation and how they created and continue to provide a unique customer experience.

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Like many New Yorkers, our Yelp commentator Kate H. has visited The Cell many times. After seeing the theater offer an exclusive museum experience in the email newsletter, she immediately bought the tickets and was deeply moved. “The Garden of Eden is an immersive art experience, a little museum, a bunch of that cool crazy aunt or grandmother’s house, a scoop of voodoo, a little drama, a little fortune-telling, and a little other worlds to do. make Halloween spooky, “said Kate.

“It’s really cool, so artistic, so cool, so fun. To be able to experience art during the pandemic, my heart is filled with joy.” The Eden exhibit aims to prepare for the pandemic and aims to provide an intimate and personal experience. -Directed experience. The tarot reading provided by the installation actually happened, which sometimes inevitably led to technical difficulties. When these issues came up, Jonah and The Cell staff calmly sorted them out. “I always say when they go down, see how they feel and then give them a pizza rat sticker or a tarot card. If it really went wrong, give them a refund,” Jonah said. “Nobody really accepts this. People will say, ‘No, that’s great. We had a great time.’ We really gave people this extraordinary opportunity to get out of the house and do something.”

Inclusiveness is another challenge and what makes The Cell so special. “It is very important to understand who your audience is and whether the artist considers people like you or is broad enough to include you.” Behind the hindsight, the business owner shared customer understanding over and over. This helps you meet your needs and ultimately makes your business more inclusive.
“But to be honest, my main goal is to keep running this place. Artists will be very frustrated that I don’t make art. I will be frustrated if I don’t make art. So this is what we do.” I have to figure out how to do this, “Kira said.” And any enforced creativity limitation is healthy for the artist. “

Here are some key points from this week’s episode:

Slow growth is normal. In fact, slow growth has its advantages. Like many other small businesses or non-profit organizations, The Cell has gradually grown and grown. Kira sees this as a positive aspect that allows them to better control the business.

Technical problems are inevitable, so deal with them calmly. Proactively addressing potential technology-related issues is very important. However, sometimes things happen beyond your control. Talk about them calmly as a team. Further, if hiccups affect your customer’s experience, please confirm with them how they feel. If necessary, offer them discounts, free merchandise, or refunds. In The Cell experience, most of the time, customers are very supportive.

Use multiple channels to increase visibility. An email newsletter is a good option; this is how Kate and many others learn about the New York Cell Theater. “Any advertisement is a good advertisement. You just want to advertise,” Kira said.

Know your audience. Knowing your customers helps you meet their needs and makes your business, especially traditional businesses, more inclusive.

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