Texans Are Using Whataburger Cups To Protect Their Pipes From The Impending Freeze.

People seem to go to Whataburger when they are hungry at 2 a.m., there are long lines at the drive-thru, or they are getting ready for a winter storm. According to FOX 26’s Matt Seedorff, Texans have been using large styrofoam cups from Whataburger to insulate exposed pipes.

On Tuesday, Seedorff uploaded a video to YouTube that appears to show a styrofoam Whataburger cup covering an outdoor spigot in a Texas home, with a string attached to keep the cup in place.

Tell me why a styrofoam Whataburger cup, perhaps wrapped in a towel, wouldn’t work over a spigot: “I’m thinking this could keep your pipes from bursting,” Seedorff said on TikTok. “Whatburger triumphs!” he exclaimed.

This TikTok exemplifies the extraordinary precautions that Texans are taking in advance of the arctic blast that is expected to hit Houston on Thursday night and last into Friday morning, bringing record-low temperatures and bone-chilling wind chills.

During a board meeting on Tuesday, ERCOT CEO Pablo Vegas assured Texans that the grid will fail with a “low probability,” despite the state’s growing demand for energy and the upcoming cold front not being as severe as the deadly winter storm of 2021.

While the Chron applauds any efforts to keep Texans and their homes safe, experts have plenty of advice for dealing with the impending cold front (that might be slightly more effective than soda cup insulation). Prepare for the cold weather in Texas with our guides on how to store food and water, as well as how to read ERCOT’s real-time Texas grid dashboard.

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