Activist Ishu Kalra Opens Up On Rising Cyber Crimes In Punjab, Says Spreading Awareness Is Important

The Internet has become an integral part of human lives today, ranging from all aspects, be it food to fashion . Because it is difficult to do away with, but using it requires us to be cautious . The Internet has performed wonders in connecting us to distant people, but the other side speaks well of the threats associated with it, i.e., cyber crimes. (Ishu Kalra)

A well-known example of a global cyber crime is the WannaCry ransomware attack in May 2017. Though the importance of the internet cannot be stressed more, we can not ignore its side-effects well known to us. The cases of fraud and swindling in India, as well as other countries, are increasing in number with each passing day. (Ishu Kalra)

According to the statistics of the Chandigarh Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, around 52% of people are unable to battle against cyber crimes. Due to digital illiteracy, people do not have access to knowledge on how to combat cybercrimes, and their entire life’s monetary value goes down the drain. The gravity of the situation increases due to the inability of the government and administration to deal with cyber crimes in India . (Ishu Kalra)

One of the celebrated social workers of Punjab, Ishu Kalra, has unblocked his voice over the inability of the government and administration. Kalra, who successfully founded Humanity NGO, takes a turn, revealing how people are being looted through the Internet and is critical of the limited role of administration. According to Kalra , victims of cyber crimes are trapped in a vicious cycle of complaining and visiting the offices without any immediate action . (Ishu Kalra)

Ishu says criminals should be put behind bars and the police should work in favour of the citizens. He has been working on awareness programs against cybercrimes and has helped people get their money back . Kalra says administrative actions on cyber crimes are equally indispensable as digital literacy among the citizens . (Ishu Kalra)

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