Are NFTs Planning to the moon?

The US Space Force said Monday that it will auction 3D augmented reality digital tokens representing satellites, mission badges, coins, spacesuits, and other memorabilia to commemorate the launch of the fifth-generation Force GPS Block aircraft. Space “Armstrong”. The third mission later this week.
tokens will be auctioned on the Ethereum chain and Star Chart platforms. According to Cointelegraph, offers start from $ 1, but buyers may want to pay up to $ 1,000 for rare tokens.

These are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are blockchain-based digital assets such as images, videos, or audio. They are unique and cannot be changed. Generally, the asset can be viewed or accessed by anyone, but only one person can own it, making it a popular item for collectors.

The value and popularity of the NFT market skyrocketed earlier this year as the industry grew amid continued crypto hype. Auction houses like Christie’s, selling art collections like NFT and CryptoPunks for millions of dollars, are also involved. An artwork by digital artist Beeple sold for approximately $ 69 million in March, breaking records.

To the Moon! : NFT

Although some NFTs still make a lot of money, the market has cooled down significantly. Earlier this month, NFT sales fell 90% compared to the peak. Data from shows that the price paid for NFTs has fallen further. When its popularity peaked earlier this year, the average NFT spends on any given day topped $ 100 million. This number now hovers around $ 1 million per day.

Space Force’s NFT was created in collaboration with two digital artist companies, WorldwideXR and Vue XR. They include personal tokens displaying memorabilia, such as spacesuits or mission insignia, which are generally presented to personnel involved in military space projects, but also include larger NFTs, such as scale copies of Armstrong launch vehicles, or currently in use from more than 30 3D satellites orbiting the earth.

The US Space Force is part of the US Armed Forces and a sister organization to the US Air Force. It was created by President Donald Trump for the purpose of expanding the country’s military capabilities. to space. The Armstrong satellite is a military communications satellite to be launched in cooperation with Elon Musk’s space exploration company SpaceX.

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