Bezos Soon To Depart As Amazon CEO

Last February, Jeff Bezos confirmed his resignation as CEO of Amazon. Today, the founder of the e-commerce giant revealed when he stepped down to make way for his successor Andy Jassy. Yesterday, May 26, after Amazon announced the acquisition of MGM Studios, Bezos confirmed that Jassy would take over as Amazon’s CEO on July 5. “We chose this date because it has emotional value to me,” the 57-year-old poet said. The old tycoon said during a meeting with Amazon shareholders on Wednesday. It turns out that July 5, 1994, was when he founded Amazon.

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In Seattle. “This journey started about 27 years ago. Amazon is just an idea, it has no name. The question I was asked the most at that time was:” What is the Internet?”Fortunately, I didn’t have to explain myself for a long time,” Bezos said in announcing his resignation in an email sent to employees nearly four months ago. “If you get it right, a few years after an amazing invention, things new have become the norm. People yawn. Yawning is the greatest compliment of investors,” the billionaire added.”Although I have been knocking in the office, I am excited about this transformation.”

What will Jeff Bezos do now?

According to the Forbes Billionaires Index, Jeff Bezos is estimated to have a fortune of US$188 billion. He has nothing to worry about: When Jassy takes over as CEO, Bezos will become the TheCEOofAmazon’s board of directors and plans to focus on his other companies. : “As CEO, I will continue to participate in important Amazon projects, but I will also have time and energy to focus on Day One Fund, Bezos Earth Fund, Blue Origin, The Washington Post, and my other hobbies I have never had more energy, it has nothing to do with retirement. I am passionate about the impact I believe these organizations can have,” Bezos wrote in an email.

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