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E-commerce rose by 44% in 2020 and probably will not slow down soon. The pandemic obliged many companies to switch to online sales. This resulting boom indeed showed how viable e-commerce is for companies in many industries.

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If you think about moving into e-commerce, it’s still a great time. But if you plan to do so, you can learn some skills to help your company flourish.

Writing copies

Extraordinary copies can distinguish between a visitor and a customer. You’ll learn copywriting tricks and tips for every media in this 20-hour pack.


There are many ways to improve traffic on your website, but few are as cost-efficient as optimizing search engines (SEO). In this you’ll learn how to revise your site from both a technical and functional point of view, to highly classify your company’s keywords. Your website will indeed rise to the Google search rankings before you know it.

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Marketing on Facebook

You have no time to revise your SEO strategy? Ok, paid marketing is also working well! Learn how to use this efficiently on one of the world’s largest publicity networks. Further, this encompasses everything, from paid Facebook ad campaigns to smart engagement with your brand’s fans.

Design graphic.

Creativity is essential for electronic commerce when you strive to distinguish the marketing materials and store them from the masses. In this, you’ll be able to accelerate your marketing, boost your web design, and much more with all facets of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Marketing email

Email is still king when it comes to digital marketing. In this, you have to learn how to build an email list and how to develop marketing skills to increase your sales.

Analytics for Google

Google Analytics is the world’s largest free web analytics tool. This powerful tool also provides you with unbelievable insight into your website and you can see what tourists look at, what they buy, and what they miss. You can learn this package how to use GA to gain useful insights to better your website experience.

Photography of the product

Imaging is key to every high-quality website for e-commerce. Think about your favorite e-commerce sites — they all have great images of products and lifestyles that tell a compelling tale. You will learn how to take beautiful pictures and edit them to fit your needs.

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Your company needs capital, of course, but it needs far more than that. If you’re not sure how to maintain your accounts properly, how to generate profit and loss sheets and how to predict your future financial, an accounting education would be worth it. You can hear from a Certified Public Accountant here (CPA).

Management of Projects

For all small enterprises, efficiency is crucial, particularly in the crowded e-commerce region. Whether you release a new feature on your website or work on an operations improvement project, this package will allow you to do so more effectively.

Excel from Microsoft

Ecommerce companies produce a lot of data. Learn how to use and evaluate this 90-hour package of data like a pro. You will become a master of your data from organizing data in Excel, digging into insights with Power BI, to visualizing with Tableau, and more.

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