How This Brand Is now a Global Success Story: Innovation That Fits in Your Pocket

The tale of Sebastian Cruz Couture starts with a solution to a common problem: how to create a pocket square with a fitting look.

With modern silk pocket squares, wearers constantly fussed with unruly squares, because of the lack of structure. Sebastian Cruz Couture was born from a line of hand crochet border pocket squares that stood strong over the pocket, with a little bit of inspiration and a lot of luck. This brand is now a Global Success Story.

Defining Brand: Why Is It So Hard To Find A Perfect Definition?

Like many tales of business success, a global feeling started with a novel approach to a dilemma. In 2013, the pocket squares rapidly became the signature of Sebastian Cruz Couture.

Breeds Innovation

Noting the success of the squares, the co-founders of Sebastian Cruz Couture’s Cesar Cruz and Natasha Cruz have agreed to promote their brand in order to see if the revolutionary concept has wide repercussions. The team was not satisfied to rely on traditional brand marketing and tried another common problem: hitting stores without a representative depending on a company.

Sebastian Cruz Couture | LinkedIn

Sebastian Cruz Couture pocket squares started appearing on social media sites taking advantage of the rapidly growing success of social media branding. Through online contact with companies, the team was able to bring their pocket places to the male fashion stores through trunk shows and personal appearances which combined famous suits with their pocket places. Shops soon discovered that they could not cope with pocket square demands and contacted the team to meet more demand items.

The Sebastian Cruz Couture team continued the trend of business creativity and took advantage of the momentum to scale the business. The business met other entrepreneurs who decided to engage with the success of the brand by selling mirror websites of the Sebastian Cruz Couture brand online. A franchisee will take the popular pocket squares out on the road in exchange for one year of exclusivity, and bind as many companies by means of looks and trunk shows as possible.

The outcome? In six months, Sebastian Cruz Couture became the global market leader from a social media pocket square brand. The pocket square company experienced a revolution of 25 US franchises and ten foreign exclusivities, unlike men’s wear.

The Turn

With Sebastian Cruz Couture’s social media-driven franchise model in full swing around the world, the future looked bright. However, it is also when you fly high that the risk increases faster.

The increased use of the franchising system started to dilute the SCC squad. What had served on the pocket square in the early days was now increasingly cumbersome. The team found that this approach created more headaches than opportunities for franchise owners spread around the world.

Meet Sebastian Cruz Couture - Digital Stylist For People All Over The World  - SuperbCrew

Instead of investing more time and resources to retain franchise owners, SCC felt it was time to be creative again. But what are they going to do next? Can they allow themselves to step away from a structure that had operated so well in the past?

Instead of getting ready for the future, Sebastian Cruz Couture did what they always did: turning and innovating.

It’s all about the look

As Sebastian Cruz Couture’s team tried to plan its next step and navigate its franchisee’s mess, one comment constantly began: clients liked the “look,” and they wanted more.

It will be a monumental challenge to move from pocket squares to complete. However, no one is waiting for creativity.

A silent partner in the men’s arena spoke to ask about investments. The concept? The concept? The SCC pocket square type joint venture has evolved into luxurious men’s jacks and sports coats. The whole team needed to make the investment was to design, promote and sell online jackets at a discount.

Pocket Square Designers Sebastian Cruz Couture Gain More Media Prominence

So they did, and the results made the pocket squares of Sebastian Cruz Couture look like a lemonade stand in the early days. Not only did the phone and email requests of Sebastian Cruz Couture blow up, but the interest was so unbelievable that the investors refused to believe it to be real.

However, it was, and Sebastian Cruz Couture realised something was going on. Instead of continuing to partner with an investor team that doubted their ability, SCC has taken their own ideas forward.

The only thing is that? How to get around the now viral preorders of the SCC jacket.

International Going With Innovation

In the face of hardship, those who really do influence are those who are able to wait for the right chance. With confusion about how to build and launch Sebastian Cruz Couture’s brand new collection of luxury menswears, the team was waiting for another visit to creativity.

That day came from China through a telephone call. A small factory reached out to inform the team that they had the tasks of taking one of the jackets (S by Sebastian White Paisley Dinner Jacket) to produce it to satisfy customer demand.

Sebastian Cruz Couture on Instagram: “Showing some love to this epic Violet  Silk Copia Jacket. Who do you … | Designer suits for men, Suit fashion,  Well dressed men

Instead of waiting for other options, SCC sent the prototype to China. The copy returned in a week and the content was exquisite. The team changed gears and used its creativity to turn the tiny factory in China into a powerhouse of 110 workers, producing 90 percent of the products of the brand.

The SCC team continued to seek new paths and future partnerships as the brand expanded. This led to new ties in Italy, where the brand was already flourishing. With shipping costs that and the brand’s impersonation hitting new heights, SCC agreed to transfer production entirely to Italy to meet increasing demand across Europe.

The SCC Story Continues from pocket squares to global luxury

A storey which started with someone who wanted to overcome a creative problem on the pocket square has now become one of the most successful online menswear companies worldwide. Sebastian Cruz Couture continues to inform, inspire and empower people around the world in his amazing storey through the timelessness of good style through eCommerce developments.

While the success story of SCC lies in creativity and motivation, the passion of the business is to help entrepreneurs and individuals learn how to resolve their own personal challenges – no matter how somber the time may look. Sebastian Cruz Couture continues to rewrite his playbook for entrepreneurs by training, encouraging, and empowering people all over the world with their stories and goods.

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