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Due to mass vaccination, the global pandemic may end soon. Small businesses are ready to go back to “normal” operations before the pandemic.
But what if you’ve been on the sidelines during the pandemic and decide you want to start a business now?

In fact, this may be one of the best times to start a business. Restrictions are being lifted, companies are deciding what adjustments should be made to their operations, and consumers are rediscovering the world.

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So, a good question might be: Which businesses make the most sense to start now? Which one has more potential?
Before answering, I would like to provide some background information and explain how this shortlist appeared.

First of all, before and after the pandemic, I have been helping small businesses in various industries (restaurants, daycare, HVAC, gyms, nail salons, etc.) for nearly two decades.
I have been able to spot trends before the media reports. I heard about the challenges facing their livelihoods directly from entrepreneurs, whether they need to raise funds, switch, or even shut down completely.

Without further ado, here are the top five companies that I think are the most meaningful to launch now.

1) Commercial and residential cleaning

Although cleaning companies are nothing new, because the barriers to entry are traditionally low, cleaning companies after the pandemic can provide additional services from where they (mostly) stayed inside. The beginning of the year.

The service can be commercial or residential, and the service may conform to guidelines set by the CDC or other public health organization.

This is especially useful for commercial tenants or landlords who are looking for solutions for deep clean spaces and preparing for the arrival of employees and customers.

Although not all commercial spaces will be restored to their previous functions, providing solutions that meet the standards of the healthcare industry can make offices and workspaces run faster and more reliable, making you different.

2) Tutoring or distance learning services

Schools and universities have been providing blended learning experiences for some time. However, as more face-to-face interactions return, school districts and higher education institutions will need services that help students, teachers, and administrators understand the new learning world.
Although some entrepreneurs may think that only large, well-known software companies are already working in this field, and local entrepreneurs have no place, you can consider launching a virtual guidance service, where you work closely with the school district to develop your study plan. .You or the tutor you hired supplements regular guidance and acts as a virtual tutor, meeting with students through a video conference platform.

If you are the opposite type, please start a face-to-face counseling service: meet students one-on-one or in small groups in the rented space, of course, follow all health and safety guidelines. For families concerned about a widespread infection, agreeing to reunite with their children in a much smaller group setting may be the right person they are looking for.

3) Niche Ecommerce and Purchasing Managers

Under the epidemic, online shopping has certainly become unavoidable. Although the “Amazon economy” has been around for several years, the arrival of the coronavirus has accelerated the adoption of e-commerce, not only by consumers but also by companies that have long resisted e-commerce.
You don’t want to compete with Amazon, instead, you are looking for a niche product and starting your business with products that are not readily available on traditional e-commerce platforms.
Hyperlocation – Cooperate with local business owners to uncover these “missing” products and add value among local businesses and suppliers.

4) Ultralocal Delivery Service

As I wrote before, truckers are the forgotten heroes of the pandemic. Although not all trucking industries are at the top of the list during the pandemic, some industries still need logistics companies.
is it the same as the previous category, once again hyper located? Do some research to discover local industries where demand has changed and local trucking companies have not performed well. The goal of is, of course, to be more efficient and cheaper than other conventional services. By only working in a certain area, you can understand the cost of doing business there, and understand your customers and their buying habits in order to better understand your business.

6) Home health care

Most of the basic health care industry disappeared under Covid-19 because people canceled regular check-ups or were unable to access health care due to drastically reduced services or availability. Many medical practices fail completely, leaving patients with fewer options.

However, as the economy returns to normal, the demand for supporting businesses that provide health services will increase. Although telemedicine will undoubtedly continue to grow and develop, please find a way to bridge the gap between online and offline.

In addition, as with my previous tip, perform hyper localization and determine which services are not being adequately provided. On the one hand, medical courier services may be the perfect choice for transporting medical items such as laboratory samples and equipment to hospitals and clinics in your area.

Home health care is another option. The more expertise you gain and the more qualified your caregivers, the more popular your services will be.

Final words

The best company to enter the market does not currently need to be served by existing participants, whether online or offline. Do your homework to discover the missing space and take advantage of that niche.

When formulating your business plan, it is also a good idea to consider your financing options and expected cash flow and expenses.

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