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A year ago, I will start a lifestyle website that helps people help make the decision of the best purchase and provide information content for different topics. It is a growing platform that stacks the guides written by a valuable review and abundant expert knowledge in each space. The company adheres to its mission and hired some employees, but I could earn more errors in several errors in the middle.
This problem is unusual, I do not remember you. Asked by all companies, you can list the amount of abuse he or she compromised with her’s career. Heck, retrospective is always 20/20. These are the seven biggest mistakes I learned.

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Take yourself a great strategy to stop

I love my business, so I had two options when you did much more than me.
Since my company can grow as many responsibilities, I asked other people very well for me. In this way, I do not have to administer my own aspects while doing what is needed for the owner’s role and administrator.

Get a mentor and regularly meet

This will return to the previous points on how to do it all yourself. .. You can not do it. Mentors are an excellent way to avoid expensive errors and help you grow up in business. It is worth your time in ideas that can save you, as well as your contact network, as well as some common mistakes.
Think about everything when it is likely to be convenient. Mentors only offer suggestions, he or she already knows firsthand that the answer was the best.

Find a person who is not an expert by trained people

We started my website with four writers, and we all work remotely. We were motivated to try to build something bigger than ourselves. However, there was no one for commercial, marketing, or SEO operations. We had a different skill set and we had a long year before things bring equal enthusiastic people who began to take off.

I am preparing to be three times more

This is the concept of the infrastructure of a company. Ask yourself: If my business triples during the night, do I have an appropriate employee to take care of him? Do they know what they are predicted when they are wrong and what is wrong? If we grow fast, do you have enough computers and desktops for them? Now think about the workload of your team, you can handle the additional tension that is growing on a scale without investing more time.
When his potential scenario becomes reality (and they), he does not want to lose them because he did not plan forward now.

When you begin to communicate to people about your business, they will be questioned.

Friends and strangers will be hostile or will give a positive positive opinion in their business, and it’s fine. Remember it, not your business. You decide to tear yourself and pose danger, and you will be passionate. At first, I was wondering what it had been. Do we have enough money for salary? Is there a margin to buy other employees? Did you grow at a sustainable rate? This is a place where it is not yours. If you think something, someone else says about your dreams and hell. Do it and get it.

It’s okay to finish your commercial commitment

This is a great one. When a business began with someone, it may have been the best client in the city with the income of each month. Even so, it is possible that your product is not necessary for your company for its long-term viability. Even if he was paying his debt at $ 600 each month, we realized that he worked as a companion and customer ideal for us, so we worked the first client yes.

This client caused 80 percent of our headache and contributed less than 5 percent of our income. These mathematics was not summarized. An important thing occurred by releasing more time and harvesting problems. We can take all your free time, and we were able to duplicate our best customers for marketing strategies. We play an integral role in our growth for the next quarter. It can be opposed, but sometimes I am exempt from the business and produces more income opportunities.

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