Changing The Way Phone Uses Power

The world today is closer than ever. There are 3.1 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the United States, including 310 million smartphones. Portable electronic devices such as smartphones are the core and soul of the IoT revolution, but they have also caused many costly problems.

A company aims to reduce our reliance on mobile batteries and the problems they cause to our wallets and the environment. WiGL has developed innovative solutions for the IoT revolution and is currently open to early investment for anyone interested in entering the bottom layer.

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In the future, WiGL also plans to produce energy devices as self-powered routers, which can realize remote positioning mesh networks to achieve greater intelligence and ecology. vitality. This means you can camp in the woods with your WiGL transmitter and still use wireless power. If successful, the airpower of WiGL can allow people to truly gain wireless freedom when using their IoT devices.

Problems with IoT devices.

Most IoT devices run 24/7 and run on batteries. However, the latest battery technology provides limited autonomy, long charging times, high production costs, and has a serious impact on the environment. These issues affect both producers and consumers and limit the overall effectiveness of IoT devices. Between premature power depletion, the need to replace batteries infrequently, and dealing with dead batteries, there are problems with the IoT revolution.

WiGL believes that the current definition of wireless must also include wireless power to overcome battery limitations and meet the demand for mobile power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is WiGL and how does it work?

WiGL envisions a world where IoT devices are no longer completely dependent on batteries. Its goal is to help people get rid of cables and allow people to turn on and charge the device in the same way as connecting to WiFi or using a mobile phone.

This is what WiGL does. A WiGL (Tx)-enabled transmitter uses the same raw radio frequency (RF) as the noise, instead of sending and receiving WiFi data, but picking up the RF noise as the raw power. As with mobile phones, WiGL’s proprietary Tx technology intelligently connects in a temporary grid, enabling an almost unlimited charging range. In this way, you can get power from your phone wirelessly, almost everywhere. (This product is currently under development, the final result may vary and cannot be guaranteed).

WiGL’s patented technology can provide individuals and organizations with greater security, greater cleanliness, and less energy waste and convenience. Its multifunctional development services have been successfully demonstrated at Virginia Tech technical conferences, the Department of Defense helmet app, and ordinary cell phones.

With WiGL, you can spend hours on the phone and still be fully charged at the end of the day without having to plug in the device. The whole team can stay in touch throughout the day without anyone having to charge or shut down their devices. It can run on all your devices, from mobile phones and laptops to remote keys, headsets, and more.

Why do people invest in WiGL?

WiGL is looking for investors before going public. By 2022, the market for wired and wireless charging solutions is estimated to grow to 25 billion U.S. dollars, and WiGL believes that its technology can adapt to this huge market space. There are currently 31 billion devices connected to the general Internet of Things market (not related to WiGL), and it is expected to reach 75 billion by 2027.

You can understand why we think that WiGL can be applied to many different verticals and there are many possibilities.

WiGL’s fully proprietary technology was developed by a disabled veteran, and his leadership team has experience in the Air Force, Draper Laboratories, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and BAE Systems. Simply put, the market is huge and WiGL has a unique positioning that can cause a sensation.

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