Snacks Love Turns 10 Year Old Into An Entrepreneur

Snack’s love of a 10-year-old Modesola Orimoloye from Canada gave her a great idea. The idea which turns her into an entrepreneur at such a young age.

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Modesola Orimoloye with her family

The idea came when Modesola Orimoloye’s family moved to Canada in 2016. When she found out that puff puff which is a Nigerian snack is very hard to find in Canada with the same taste she used to love.

Puff puff is a Nigerian snack that is made up of fried dough.

So, she came up with the idea of selling the homemade puff puff mix product. With her family’s help, she is now running a business very easily. She has two younger brothers Olabiyi 7 years old and Olajuwon 2 years old also to make the family business. Her brothers help in packaging and sealing the boxes. Modesola Orimoloye’s parents help in dropping and in manufacturing the mix.

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According to Modesola’s mother, her daughter came up with the idea of creating the mix. So, they started creating the mix in their own kitchen by mixing all the dry ingredients together and packing it. Therefore if anybody has the desire to eat puff puff then they just have to buy the product and rinse it with water and deep fry it.

Modesola helps her mother in creating the products usually at weekends.

In the future, Modesola likes to open up a bar where she can make puff puffs as well as where she can sell puff-puff mix.

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