Build a Healthy Email List

Businesses that are not using email marketing today can lose it in an unprecedented way. Consider the fact that Americans spend an average of 143 minutes a day just checking email. Email addresses have enormous marketing potential.

Make the most of this opportunity by establishing a healthy and trusted email list. Otherwise, you will not only reduce your return on investment, but your email may end up in the spam folder or not arrive at all.
So what should you focus on to create a healthy and thriving list? Let us look at some of the most important steps.

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Let people confirm that they want to appear on your email list

Building a healthy email list means that your subscribers are intentionally registered. To ensure this, ask everyone to confirm that they are subscribed to your email. The double subscription method is the most efficient.

How does it work? After entering your email address on your registration form, an automated email will be sent to you immediately. You have a unique link to verify the person’s email address and their agreement to receive their email. Once they click on the link, they will be added to the list.
Doing this simple action will attract more audiences. It ensures that no one adds someone without your permission-your new subscribers actually want to hear from you.

If you do not use double opt-in, you will inevitably be marked as spam by people. Remember that spam complaint are one of the worst things that can damage the reputation of the sender. This is the score used by Internet and inbox providers to guide the e-mail destination. As far as they know, if many people click the spam button, their actions are illegal.

So if you haven’t already, please set up this subscription confirmation process. It should be easy to do in the control panel of your email service provider.

Use ReCAPTCHA to reach real people

spam is the ability to record a large number of email addresses in mailing lists (usually fake) Computer program. You may be managing a healthy list and receiving a large number of registrations, followed by spam complaints, unsubscriptions, or bounces. This is because the robot is registered.

Obviously, a thriving and healthy list is made up of human subscribers, not robots. One of the best ways to stay true is to use ReCAPTCHA. Do you know the simple tests used to eliminate robots by testing human intelligence? ReCAPTCHA is Google’s proprietary CAPTCHA and you can install it quite easily.
Adds an extra layer of protection against fake and dangerous email addresses. However, it is usually not enough to prevent malicious registration, so if you want more security, consider email verification.

Use the Email Verification API to Exclude Bad Data from the List

Email Signup Form is ideal for people to easily start receiving your newsletter. However, if you’re not careful, the registration form is also a portal for bad data.

First of all, some people may accidentally make a typo when trying to subscribe. They can also use poor-quality addresses for registration. Typically, people use temporary addresses when they want to access closed content without providing actual emails. There are even cases of business competitors destroying lists by entering wrong or invalid addresses.

Most importantly, some people who subscribe to your email can be regular complainers. You think you have a big lead, but it turns out that someone can mark your email as spam.
These are problems that you cannot avoid in real-time, but the email verification API can. After setting up dual opt-in and ReCAPTCHA, adding this software to your form will ensure that your list stays healthy for longer.

A reputable email verification service should have an API that can connect to its registry to block harmful emails. In most cases, if the address is misspelled, the API will notify the person that they made the mistake. Excluding these invalid addresses from your list can prevent bounces and spam complaints, and keep you from the blacklist.

Extra tip: check your entire list in bulk regularly.

If you want a thriving email list, email verification is essential, but even good contacts in your list can go wrong. People change their email addresses for various reasons, especially workplace addresses, so please check your email list multiple times a year. If the message is bounced, there is no value in sending the email. It will only damage your delivery rate and the reputation of the sender.
Of course, it is easy to be fascinated by numbers. It is normal to want a huge list or to compare your list with others. But the number of subscribers does not always mean good participation or high return on investment. What would you choose between a large, unhealthy list and a small but healthy list of interested subscribers?

Focus is an effective and selected email list that contains people who really want to interact with you.

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