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I value LinkedIn more than any other website. Before leaving LinkedIn, I would be happy to stop visiting Facebook, Twitter or my deputy Reddit. Whenever I mention this, people think I am crazy. You might think so now. Well, this may be because you are not taking full advantage of what LinkedIn does for you or your business. It’s time to upgrade.

If you think that LinkedIn is a huge database of resumes and nothing else, you are very wrong. It is a rich source of information and a social network. If you work in sales and don’t use LinkedIn, I would be surprised. If you hire without using LinkedIn, I would be even more surprised.
I realize that I may sound like a huge LinkedIn ad, but this is just a reflection of what I find useful for the service. These are my ways to strengthen my business through LinkedIn.

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Use it for competitive intelligence.

Competitive intelligence should shape your business strategy. If you don’t know much about your customers’ other options, you will not be able to build an advantage and continue to gain market share.
As Burt Helm wrote: “It’s not as romantic as driving along the Amalfi Coast in Aston Martin, but you probably should do it The first thing is to go online and carefully and carefully review the public content.”

You can use LinkedIn to find answers to many questions about your competitors. Here are some basic information that will be displayed in a LinkedIn search.
How many employees does the competitor have? How many did they have six months ago? In other words, how fast are they growing?

What type of employees do you hire? The influx of a large number of developers may indicate that they are developing a new product. Generally speaking, recent hiring provides clues to the company’s current focus. In addition, in many small and medium enterprises, there are star employees who are responsible for a large number of business development, sales, marketing and other important aspects. Knowing who to turn to and asking them to betray and work for you can change the rules of the game.

Use it for networking.

“I want to add you to my professional LinkedIn network” has become a joke, but this is mainly because the site is ubiquitous. Every professional has a LinkedIn profile. I add people I know to my network, but when looking for people with specific skills, I also turn to LinkedIn first.

Recently, I needed a tax advisor, and I used LinkedIn to find someone that some of my friends in the Chicago technical community also use. To give another example, if I were looking for a new commercial bank, I would first search LinkedIn to see who in my network has connections to which commercial bankers. Then I will ask for an introduction.

Use it for business development.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Whether you’re relying on venture capital or income, the key is acquiring new customers. LinkedIn can also help you here. Use your profile and network to showcase your knowledge and skills and provide contact points for potential clients.

For example, if you are a consultant, having a sense of presence and enriching contacts can allow clients to see you; otherwise they won’t find it. I once had a question about manufacturing stainless steel products in China, so I found some people with experience in this field on LinkedIn. I sent them a LinkedIn message asking for help. Gaining their expertise saved me months of research and trial and error, and these folks have acquired clients thanks to their powerful LinkedIn accounts.

On another occasion, I sought marketing help through a digital channel with which I had little experience and was able to find someone in my network who had worked with one of my contacts. Finding this person helps make your marketing campaign a great success.
What Do You Mean? The marketer had another big hit on his resume – they expanded their network to include me and everyone I know.

Use it for advertising.

LinkedIn Ads can provide excellent positioning for any type of business promotion. They offer roughly the same media options as Facebook ads, and the audience is purely professional. You can use criteria such as industry, company size, and position to narrow your audience. Good targeting means your ad spend won’t be wasted on people you don’t care about.

Suppose you sell software to improve the efficiency of real estate agents. Target every real estate agent in whatever geographic area you want, and then drill down to a specific position so you can reach the person who made the buying decision. LinkedIn advertising is the fastest way to reach these audiences without the need for hundreds of hours of hard basic work.

Use it to recruit.

This should be taken for granted. LinkedIn is my first place to find experts. There is no better way to locate specific skills and experience so that you can find exactly who you are looking for. LinkedIn is also a great way to find ideal employees who are not actively looking for work.

If you are looking for work, please update your profile, add a summary and add depth to your list of previous work experience. Be sure to include professional photos.
LinkedIn is more than just an online resume database. The information and the web can be used for a variety of different purposes.

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