Social Media Managers: Next Gen CMO

Traditionally, social media management has been downgraded to interns and junior employees and is seen as a necessary but not a strategic role. In 2012, as an intern at, I regularly tweeted the 1.2 million followers of the publication. The executive editor emailed me from time to time, saying “a great tweet”, which felt like the highlight of my career at the time.

I am not paid, I mainly focus on producing content for the website, and spend a few minutes a day posting some tweets about that content. Then he would check Google Analytics and he was very excited to see a large number of users entering the site. They never came.

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This was a different time, but it was also a channel without a strategy. Few brands do this today. Social media marketing has become a bigger role in Fortune 500 startups and internal marketing teams.
maybe the tweet from the 2013 Oreo Super Bowl or the success of nearly every beauty brand. of DTC on Instagram, and they have adopted half of the strategy. Today, social media does not just post content on blogs, spread it on social channels, and then cross fingers to get people back to the website to read it.
No, modern social media management requires a deep generalist with charisma and negotiation skills, excellent writing and community building skills, and almost always active usability and motivation.

Social Media Director is the CMO of Tomorrow

In fact, many marketers today believe that today’s Social Media Director is the CMO of tomorrow.
“Social media professionals understand their business as follows: marketing, communication (especially crisis), branding, industry trends, customer service, creativity (graphics, images, photos, videos), how to create and cultivate brand advocates,” Matthew tweeted. Kobach, Director of Fast Content Marketing. “The Knot and current founder and CEO of House of Wise, agreed. “I can’t believe people still think of social media as a’channel’ or a’side business’. SMM is the future CMO. They understand user insights, positioning and brand marketing like anyone else.”.

Do you want your brand to stand out on social media and start acquiring information about your consumers so that you can use this information in all channels and departments of your organization? You should hire a professional social media manager as soon as possible. This is the skill you are looking for.

Creative Strategy and Channel Evaluation Ability

Social media managers are at the intersection of marketing and creativity, at least in larger teams. For many startups, social media managers act as marketing distribution engines and creative departments.
That’s because social media managers need to figure out how to retell the brand story across various social channels in an engaging way.

To make something attractive, these marketers must create something that people are interested in across multiple channels, and they will find it visually appealing.

You need excellent creative strategies to achieve this, including creative assets and production management, as well as strong analytical skills to assess the potential for new social channels to emerge … well, often.

Short Essay Writing and Storytelling

Copywriting is one of the primary skills of a social media manager. You need to be able to tell great short stories and get people’s attention very quickly. Visuals can help you do this, but what makes people emotionally connect with the brand is the storytelling.

Community Management

Marketers love community, despite the lack of consensus on the real meaning of community. In most organizations, social media managers need to care about the brand community and develop it, usually at the top of the funnel (for example, on Instagram or Twitter) and at the bottom of the funnel (privately, for example, the lazy group).

Doing so requires more strategies than you think, including very thick skin.
Social media administrators must be good at handling comments from internal and external sources. In addition, they also need to have an in-depth understanding of relationship management, especially when they build brand awareness and interact with influencers on the Internet.
All these tasks require continuous social listening and continuous networking through various channels.

Internal communication

See, it takes time to build communities on various social channels. This is not an immediate marketing strategy. Therefore, social media marketers must be good at internal communication, data analysis, and reporting to keep their jobs.

Companies want to be agile, but many organizations still believe that smart social media managers are overpriced. They are not, but this will not stop some hiring managers from looking for young people.
To avoid this situation, social media managers, like most proprietary channel marketers, must be good at data analysis and reporting, and then transform these data into internal team strategy and trust.
social media managers tackle marketing challenges. Soon, they will enter Csuite.

combines all of these skills, years of experience, and continuous digital networking with peers who do the same (it’s called social media for a reason!), It’s no wonder so many marketing leaders today look like young social media managers.

They are people who strive to understand the brand and communicate it to the world in a way that builds a loyal customer base. Few people develop basic marketing skills and operate social media channels.

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