Audio Podcasts By Facebook

According to TechCrunch, Facebooksaidthat public figures and creators with verified accounts can start live streaming the audio room and invite guests. The purpose of the social media giant’s entry into the audio field is to keep users engaged. It is also for better compete with increasingly popular video streaming applications(such as Clubhouse, which Zuckerberg also used). In a blog post on Monday, Facebook application lead Fidji Simo explained what was about to happen.

Facebook launches Live Audio, its version of podcasts - CNET

“The launch of live audio studios and podcasts in the United States is just the beginning of our audio journey,” Simo wrote. “Looking forward, we are working with creators who will use our audio tools to develop and public soundbites-creative short format audio clips.” But live audio and podcasts have been used by extremists on the platform for misinformation and spread. Facebook stated that its rules for reporting offensive material still apply to audio files.

“Also, our broader integrity and security work and the tools we created for proactive and automatic identification of harmful content are excellent. The company “said the company. “But we plan to adjust the technology and processes as we learn more.” Facebook first announced in April this year that it would launch an audio streaming service.

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