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COVID 19 proposed a very difficult situation in our lives. Every sector of the economy faced lots of challenges. These challenges were unique as well as difficult to overcome. But these challenges can be turned out into opportunities. We need to think about how can a challenging situation like this be changed into an opportunity.

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As we have changed a lot during this pandemic time, we have also learned how to work effectively from home. Now we can observe that the changes that we see around are due to acceleration in society as well as in technology. People have almost adjusted to the present condition. Further, people have even started to plan future workspace to be a hybrid model that supports increased work from home. According to a survey, nearly 74% of the people prefer to work from home even after the pandemic. Therefore, the pandemic has brought a long-term impact on our lives. Tech companies have also adopted the new change. The core capabilities gave tech companies a competitive edge. Here are a few ways in which tech companies are trying to use these difficult and challenging situation into an opportunities.Bringing Innovation to Combat Challenges

As of the onset pandemic, businesses started to focus more on business continuity as well as the welfare of employees. Further, businesses have started to pay attention more to products and services that can thrive during these times. The business that used to work in the past finds difficulties in recent times to thrive now. They are indeed finding to serve consumers’ needs. This indicates that the companies are aiming at making this a long-term change bringing about a positive change.

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Investment in data security and accelerated migration to the cloud are the two most important requirements to work and interact with customers remotely. Businesses need to provide products and services that can bring about a change during these challenging times. Technologies such as contactless payment, virtual private networks (VPNs), voice-over-Internet protocols (VoIP), and collaboration tools are enabling companies to cope up with the growing demand.

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Further, these are crisis-driven innovations, so they are competitive. Companies that leverage this opportunity to pivot and align products to new needs will have successfully transformed business forever.

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At present remote working is trending because it is something new that we encountered recently. But soon this will become a habit and we will become more comfortable. Innovation is the challenge that business shifting to this model might experience. Being in the office allows for more face-to-face interaction.  In the new remote working landscape, creative boost is much harder to come by.

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 The key to collaboration in remote working is effective communication.  As remote work started, there was an increase in the use of collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, etc.  Further, the regular meetings can bring up an effective bond between the members.

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Bond Between Employees and Employers to fight Challenge

Any business becomes only successful when employers and employees give their best. Hence, maintaining an effective relationship between them is important because only satisfied employees can help the company face the challenge. Resourceful groups are also created in order to effective coordination.

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Orientation programs and various other programs are arranged so that employees find it comfortable to communicate. Effective communication among inmates make it possible to present it beautifully in front of the customers.

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Therefore, the effect of pandemic is the same for all but it depends on the person on how to make use of the situation.

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