G7 Brings Tough Time For China

President Joe Biden worked hard this weekend to convene the Group of Seven nations to collectively condemn forced labor, human rights violations, and other “non-commercial” behavior toward China.
A senior US government official told a news conference that Saturday’s leaders found they had a “very strong and common foundation” for joint action against China.

“It’s not just about talking and taking steps to deal with forced labor in the supply chain, again, even from Xinjiang,” the official said. Referring to the human rights organization Areas where China has committed crimes against humanity.

G7 News: A Return to Face-to-Face Diplomacy - The New York Times

Biden has made slowing economic growth and China’s international influence the core of his foreign policy agenda for the first overseas summit. The G7 countries (the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the European Union) yesterday announced a multibillion-dollar infrastructure plan to compete with China’s international spending on the “Belt and Road.” initiative.

Biden put pressure on the G7 to take a hard line against China and condemn forced labor, human rights violations and “non-commercial” practices.

The elderly who spoke with US officials on condition of anonymity described in detail the areas where the United States and its allies saw “convergence” during the talks held in Cabis Bay in the United Kingdom on Saturday. The government stated that Biden had urged other members of the G7 to speak publicly about China’s “harmful and distorting practices to the global economy.”

Biden talked about China in individual meetings with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and French President Emmanuel Macron.

However, it is unclear whether Biden can allow the group to include the strong and disapproving language supported by the United States in the G7 official bulletin. This is expected to be released after the summit on Sunday. For example, some senior British officials tried to exclude China’s human rights violations, partly because of Britain’s efforts to strengthen trade with China, Politico reported. 4,444 announcements 4,444 Italian, German, and European Union officials also expressed concern on Saturday about putting pressure on their economic relations with China, the New York Times reported.
According to the Washington Post, Japan expressed similar concerns during a visit to the White House in April.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in London told Reuters, “The days when the global decision was made by a few countries are long gone.” The spokesperson for Announcement said: “We always believe that countries are big or small, strong or weak. The rich and the poor are equal, and world affairs should be resolved through consultations among all countries.”

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