Google’s Upcoming Privacy Settings

The death of cookies in the modern world is undeniably the privacy revolution. The entire digital advertising industry has been checked by tools that limit the information gathered from cookies, such as intelligent tracking prevention (ITP) in Safari, complete removal of third parties cookies in Chrome by 2022 and the most stable operating system available so far, iOS14.

Google Chrome Will Eliminate Third-Party Cookies in 2 Years

Elimination Of Cookies

2022 is the year in which Google Chrome eliminates cookies from third parties worldwide, an act already accomplished by Safari and Firefox. We already cover nearly 100% of the most popular browsers in Chile and Latin America. With these three browsers. But what are cookies from third parties? They allow us to know, besides personalising ads, information about users like their site behaviour or interests. Basically, thanks to them, we get a user profile.

Why do all of us working in digital marketing do this? This is the most popular question I was asked about cookies with customers. The problem is that as a matter with such a technological context, it becomes difficult to grasp the complexity of our disciplines. Firstly, I simply respond, “Much of what we do in publicity is focused on cookies, meaning that what we know isn’t.”


What if now I go to say to you that the most widely used tactics to boost website indicators are no longer the popular “remarketing” or at least it will not exist as we know it? This makes it sufficient to confuse the e-commerce managers and those of those who advise on this matter.

Well, this means that we have to be data-driven. We’re just putting it into effect. The question is, if I don’t have the data that helped me determine what message to send my viewers, what information do I use? Since the reign of the first source data comes, that is, the data itself. If the major brands this year are not implementing a data collection strategy, building an infrastructure behind them, do not perform advertisement tests based on cookies, those which do not explore alternative measuring methods to obtain the real results of marketing campaigns will lose competitive advantages and, worse, will lose importance to the end-users.

Good News

The good news is that Google, which is based on advertising income, has developed this new model and has announced a number of solutions for what it calls the Privacy Sandbox. I’m going to be fair, not just Google, but it is the product of partnerships between various experts in the digital world. Imagine this situation being so different and complicated that rivals are sat down to see options together in this regard, and I will tell you a bit about two alternatives among others that have been revealed.

FLoC is an algorithm for clustering that allows us to mask the user from the crowd, meaning that we don’t have a user profile as in third party cookies. However, groups can be seen with certain features, so we can understand them and try to stay relevant. Google guarantees the efficacy of its experiments is 95% relative to previously recognised ads, which is focused on cookies. Very promising, but tested even.

On the other hand, FLEDGE is an alternative to what we all know as remarketing. It has been renamed and enhanced from the former Turtledove, which is intended to store information on campaign deals and budgets. At the end of this year, the API is scheduled to be ready to host data on its own trusted server.


These routes, centred on the Chrome browser, are alternatives that the publicity giant offers. There are other directions, however, such as authenticators of cookies. In other words, they turn the user into an id and allow fluid interactions and privacy to be preserved.

Well, it is their invitation to take steps to produce experiments, question their suppliers, to raise the problem that we all learn to take these new paths together.

The one who takes this initiative now is the one who will have the benefit in the next year when it begins again under a new paradigm.

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