Honda Declares That The Mid-Engine S660 Super Sports Convertible Is Dead.

Honda S660 : A series of experimental limited edition serialised versions, Version X, will be released at the beginning of two years before the end of production of the Honda S600, which featured a mid-mounted engine, which it plans to complete two years before the end of production of the S660 Modulo.

Honda S660 Modulo X Version Z

As a sequel to the Beat, the S660 was developed in response to the Japanese government’s kei car regulations, which are generous to purchasers of smaller vehicles. It is estimated that over 30,000 S660 units have been sold over the last six years, and that model will be the last to leave the factory in March 2022.

Honda S660 Modulo X Version Z

Conspiracy theories unsurprisingly made short work of bemoan when trying to find out why Honda had discontinued the S660, though, which was most likely due to government regulation of the product getting tougher. The country of Japan is aggressively requiring all car manufacturers to make greater use of alternative-fuel vehicles, environmental-friendly and noise-free requirements, and is forcing the need for electrification. However, making an automobile that includes an automatic emergency braking system such as the S660 function is much easier to explain. It’s a lot easier for Honda to break ties with the roadster. This is the primary example of a phenomenon that we have discussed in the past: it is possible that a traditional kei car could be driven out of business by electrification.

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Some aspects of the Modulo X concept are not supported by the Version Z concept, so Version Z comes in a different colour called Sonic Gray. It also has black tinted emblems, and a black tailfin. It also has black alloy wheels and black alloy diffusers. Carbon-patterned leather and leather-trimmed surfaces and suede upholstery, as well as metal plaque, are found inside Version Z and are present inside Variant Z.

Honda did not add any powertrain modifications, so the torque came from a 3-cylinder turbocharger with a Whipple intercooled engine that produced 658 hp at six-foot piston and 77 foot-p.p.lbf. To improve handling, you can choose to mount a six-speed manual or a CVT behind the passenger compartment; the CVT is not available on the base model. Truck weight is 6.3 tonnes, and the axle weight is 14 tonnes; however, take into account that the scale tip weight of the S660 is considered to be small for a 63-horsepower motorcycle.

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At a conversion rate of about $29,150,400 yen, the Honda S660 Modulo X-price, Z’s is available for about 1/4 of the total cost of the rest of the lineup. There is nothing to suggest that this is now going to be available in the United States, although it is now on sale.

The S660 is one of two vehicles left in the Honda range that can be fitted without additional chassis. And some markets will continue to have an NSX identified as an Acura in the United States. However, the Civic Type R continues to be sold around the world, but it is an evolution of the previous model, not a performance version of its own. Waiting for the S660 replacement to arrive should not be all that long, and we expect the news to be out soon.

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