Leadership Lessons From Sports Team

Team sports are a powerful global industry involving clubs, leagues, sponsors, marketing, etc. In this space, the enthusiasm of the fans is transformed into enormous economic benefits, according to the marketing agency Euroamericas Marketing Sport, it has 580 billion euros a year, which represents 1% of world GDP. Although participating in many parties, the success depends on the execution and the person who wins, that is, the team. If the company learns to operate as a high-performance sports team, it will achieve faster growth with lower operating costs and expenses.

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So what makes a sports team successful and what can we learn from it to start a business? After all, business is a game that requires rules, strategy, management, management, and talents to be successful, so these are three lessons we can learn and adopt from high-performance sports teams to build a successful company.

Lesson 1: Training, Training, Training

A sports team that wants to succeed will never stop training. In fact, training requires more time and more dedication than competing in the same field. Most company teams, especially sales teams, do not have enough practice before entering the field. They practiced with their customers, believing that this is the best method, which leads to loss of sales.
No matter what sport we are talking about, no coach in any sport will consider putting down his players without proper training and preparation.

According to a survey by OCCMundial, only 11% of Mexican companies provided training for their employees in 2019. This research was carried out shortly before the crisis triggered by the pandemic. Imagine that this has been reduced by a very small number. Due to operational changes, the use of telecommuting and time-consuming emergencies led to ongoing training.

Lesson 2: Have a Guide or Script

Sports teams do not take risks or improvise on the court. There is always a plan that must be practiced. The analysis is carried out at all times, and It is carried out before going out to play Reorganization and investigation.
So why do many companies, especially those involving sales teams, hire salespeople and send them out to the sports field to “do their thing”? In other words, they allow them to follow their own sales methods or methods, in the hope that they can offer products or services in the best way they think.

A soccer team has 11 players, if each player follows his own strategy, what would he think? This will be a disaster. Companies need books or manuals for each operating procedure and follow a clear strategy, as well as in the areas of finance, marketing, and sales, which point out the measures participants should take in each situation, how to talk to customers, and how to proceed the transaction. Overcome dissent. And exchange products and services. Once a sales manual, you will need to continuously optimize it based on market conditions and other factors. This is why the top sports teams are constantly striving to stay ahead.

Lesson 3: They are aligned with the goal.

The team knows that when one member scores, everyone on the team can score. It’s not about fighting for the highest score as a single player, but about working together to get the highest score. This is how they beat their competitors.
is not that they compete with each other, but rather that they have a common goal to strive for. There may be differences and mistakes, but the team is ready to overcome these problems to achieve great goals. In a company, the team needs to move forward in the same way, with a healthy culture and a common goal that the company pursues: a long-term goal that shows their direction and what they want to achieve.

The right culture will get everyone interested in playing their role and supporting business growth. A common goal will make every team member in all areas of the organization full of motivation and clarity to understand what actions they need to take for the company to move in this direction and become part of that goal to win the game.

To expand our business, we can learn and implement these three sports team lessons, which will allow us to have a highly qualified team that is happy to join the field and operate with a common vision and goals, which will help you win the game.

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