5 C’s of the commercial leader

Good leadership is undoubtedly the natural way to deal with any crisis. Emotions, economics, and even pandemics. Recently, due to the economic crisis and telecommuting, the leader of the sales team was forced to change.
For every one of us who is lucky to be able to lead the sales team, there is no doubt that leading work in a period of change will be more challenging and strange. In this issue, I want to share with you-they also lead the sales team In my opinion, this is the 5 C of the new business leader in difficult times (just like in marketing).

The 5 C's That Every Great Leader Needs to Succeed | Inc.com

1.- Certainty.

You definitely want to know how to lead the uncertain times through CERTEZAS on the contrary. Even if you are in the eyes of a hurricane, there will always be absolute truth, and you must focus your strategy on “what’s there”. Share an example; when will they return to face-to-face activities? The answer that conveys certainty is “not in the third trimester.” After this example, although you don’t actually have an exact answer, you are indirectly giving certainty to the expected value because you are confirming the time frame “not before July”. Sales consultants can usually find the “foundation of foothold”, which is our responsibility as a leader, to determine what we can control and use.

2.- Cured content.

Have you heard the term information epidemic? According to Wikipedia, the information epidemic contains a lot of information on specific topics. Today, the amount of information we receive is more lost than ever. The shocking thing is that, for example, today, the emails I receive have increased by 40% compared to a year ago. All the information and valuable information, but there are so many that you no longer know which one you want to participate in. Too much information will seriously affect the seller. There is no interest in which product is a promotional product, or which card you use for several months, etc., this will cause a lot of confusion.

In the age of information popularity, a business leader’s job will be to plan the content that your team will share with you. To spread it, you must first plan it, set it up on your distribution list so that it can only be spread to people you know are interested, not everyone, add information, break down information, use bold, emoji, or graphic. This will help you communicate news, promotions, or changes to your sales team in a more general, intuitive, and focused way.

3.- Conspiracy.

Your sales team is an accomplice of 100% of your performance, you cannot surpass yourself and become an outstanding business leader without reaching your sales quota, achieving growth, or gaining market share. The success of business leaders will always be linked to results. To work with the team, you must try to work with the team. Therefore, you must be more aware and accept the change as before the #telework. It is possible that the most likely meeting time is no longer in the morning (now in the afternoon), or You must record the meeting, determine the challenges your team faces, this is not a natural challenge of sales, but the ones that complicate your daily life, kids at home, and some of the digital curve. Today, you must be more sensitive to their situation and act accordingly than ever. Whenever you have the opportunity, honestly ask: “How are you? How are you feeling? Is everything okay at home?”


Friendly teamwork is always the ideal choice to achieve the best results.

There are two aspects to cooperation, one is personal help, and the other is collective help to generate group recognition. For the first (help), you will strengthen the technical or business knowledge of the people who need it most; for example, get support or training from people who are already proficient in product X. This means that your team now has 2 experts. The second aspect of (the recognized aspect) is even more powerful because you can extend the help to the entire team instead of isolating the help to a specific person instead of extending the help to the entire team in isolation. The “hug” between your colleagues and the title of an expert; is not the satisfaction of helping. Believe it or not, many people in your sales team are eager to help others-you just have to ask.

5.- Training 24/7.

Naturally, the sales team will set a different schedule, in theory, meeting with customers is a higher priority than attending training meetings. As a business leader, you must combine training and information with the team. Obviously, a well-trained sales team is more efficient than none. For example, in my office’s 2019 group training course, the attendance rate reached 40%, that is, the attendance rate was only four out of ten. On the contrary, in 2020 and 2021 so far, the rate has become 62% of the meeting time in 2018 We increased the number of shared registration meetings by 14%, that is, we went from 4 people who attended the meeting to almost 8 people (an increase of 90%).

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