Ways To Turn Dream To Reality

I always thought I wanted to be an entrepreneur when I was young. Most of my peers in school want to be physicians, judges or firefighters. Not me: I’ve been drawn to entrepreneurship since childhood. I sold backpacks while I was in high school; it was an early blessing to be a serial entrepreneur.

While I’m trying to find a “traditional” area for my potential work, I will remind you that I’d only hire an accountant one day, and then go to Accounting 101. My vision and skills were to use to do what I was fantastic at; I would then recruit people who were more enthusiastic about these things that didn’t concern me.

Dream to Reality - Global Teen Challenge

Over the last 20 years I have been constructing several SEO companies and I still see myself more as an entrepreneur than as an SEO strategist. I have learnt a few stuff along the way (I still learn new stuff every day), and in recent years I have definitely made my fair share of mistakes. So I would like to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs with the insights I wish someone shared with me on the road to realise my vision.

Train yourself above university classes

I went to college. I went to school. I have nothing against college. I have nothing against school. But college is meant to show you how to learn, not just what to learn. Many other skills learnt in college, such as leadership skills, analysis skills and time management, support an entrepreneur.

Learning is a talent in life, and reading is the way to learn. Your passions will lead you to your own research, to find appropriate podcasts, to follow experts in the field and to network with like people.

Their voracious read commitments is a characteristic feature of wealthy billionaires (think Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Bill Gates). “Walk into the home of a wealthy man,” Rich Siebold says in his novel, “How Rich people think,” and one of the first things that you can find is a vast library of books they used to teach themselves how to succeed.”

Take a dip in podcasts to discover new areas of interest, or dive further into the subjects that fascinate you. You can do a lot of work while learning; you can listen while driving, practising or relaxing throughout the evening. They give you fresh ideas and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. During a podcast interview it is inspiring to hear people share their thoughts, strengths and shortcomings.

Encourage your vision

All have great ideas, I believe, but not all have a real entrepreneurial spirit. Perhaps 95 percent of all big plans will never be executed. The courageous entrepreneurs, who pursue their passion and put their vision into practise, are probably only 5 percent. Among those, I would say that about 1% really make it through. Following the creative spirit is always a challenge, and many people are safer for a 9-to-5 career.

This spirit of entrepreneurship sparks vision. Vision to see all that is lost in the universe and to find an answer. It takes courage to look past what can be seen now and to see a better approach for the future. Obstacles exist to go beyond: anxiety, insecurity, incompetence, financial resources, inexperience. It takes courage and knowledge to build a strategy, to follow advice and to work the plan you have built in the areas of vulnerability. It’s because you believe in yourself and your dreams and go beyond your area of comfort.

Search for advice

Everyone starts at the same place: the start. None of us enters the realm of industry with all the answers. Most of us don’t really know what questions we have to ask for answers! Entrepreneurial gifts are artistic imagination and tenacity. However, the challenge is not to have the expertise to ensure a consistent vision and motivation.

The establishment of a team of consultants is an excellent step forward. The evergreen reality was declared by Sir Isaac Newton: “If I have seen enough, it is standing on the shoulders of the giants.” It was invaluable for those who have endured growth ups and downs to share their experiences with me. Without them, I couldn’t be where I am now. And the fact is, we cannot overcome our need for consultants and advisors.

Never be the intelligent person in the building.

Humility is a long way away. I think I can always learn from every person I meet. During meetings, I practise asking questions and not simply answering them. I recruit the most intelligent people with their skills. Then I share my view, inspire them to lead and escape.

You would know if your company grows without you, until staff, structures, procedures and a community culture are in place. It took me a while to get there, but now I have an incredible team that is doing great stuff! What is cooler than to see your idea emerge in many companies.

One of my fundamental values of life is that all be viewed in the same manner. Only beginning an intern receives the same respect as a VP. It doesn’t matter where you are, how much money you earn or how much influence you have. I never look different at anyone. That is important.

Advance failure

I was inspired by Denzel Washington’s initial speech about loss. “Every failed experiment is a step closer to success,” he said. We’re never going to lose if we don’t try. If we don’t struggle, we’re never going to go on. Have confidence and attempt, even though it is in danger of failure: I call it to fail.

Recall that there is a tiny minority of people eager to build their entrepreneurial vision and way. Each of them make a lot of mistakes. You will make mistakes too, and that’s all right. You want to lose, and that means that every day you were 1 percent better than the day before. These activities produce outcomes that drive success.

I love the mistakes I made because I learned from them and they now make part of my amazing journey. Businesspeople have intuition, see challenges, build solutions and transform lives. Learning from the journeys of other entrepreneurs helps to promote your growth and my success.

Muhammad Ali once said, “A guy who looks at the world in 50 as he did at 20 years lost 30 years of his life.” For all aspiring entrepreneurs, just remember that your vision of the planet will vary considerably from now 30 years.

If you have entrepreneurial achievement in bringing your vision to fruition and looking back on your choices, errors, and successes, my wish is that you can transmit your inspiration and wisdom so that aspiring entrepreneurs will put their vision into practice.

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