Michael Stanley, Rock Star And Local TV And Radio Host, Dead At 72.

Cool place – Cleveland In 1969, Michael Stanley pulls out the past and blames it for his low self-confidence during the album “Laugh Track.” He says his past has given him a “fear of giving up” so he will either “be alone in another life or be with someone else.”

Here’s a little song about a friend soon gone.

A individual with who my life has been intertwined.

We’ll be leaving soon for a lifetime or a part of us will stay behind.

“Steve was more than a voice,” said former CLEVELAND BROWNS PLAY- BY-PLAY COACH LEE FRAZIER, who helped steer the talented yet troubled Cleveland resident to stardom throughout the 1960s and 1970s and remained a close friend and confidant. “He made both of us feel better. He made us feel as if he was their buddy on the air. He was a big personality, no matter how little he got.”

Growing up in Cleveland, everybody knew Stanley, always saw him, or at least heard about him from stories passed down by his family members. He would spend his free time riding bikes around the neighbourhood, playing with neighbourhood kids, and quickly became closely associated with the city he detested. “Cleveland may be on the East Coast, but Cleveland is the heart and soul of the Midwest.”

“I’ve had three pretty good, independent careers in rock, country music tv, and radio,” he said in 2019 about his work in music, just before he was awarded the Cleveland Arts Prize Lifetime Achievement Award. Did we have everything our wanted to get done? No. Yet we did something we never knew we could do. I’ve been able to make a living by doing what I enjoy. When I was a teenager, much like you, I dreamt of doing this, and I ended up doing it in real life.

Stanley’s family released a breaking statement announcing his stepping down as a volunteer. Michael Stanley, a cancer patient, fought against the illness for 7 months, with the same determination and grace he held in his life. He will always be remembered as the caring father, brother, husband, a faithful friend, and as the leader of one of Cleveland’s most famous rock bands.

Being from Cleveland himself, Joe Walsh (rocker and long time friend of Stanley) said: “For those who don’t know, Michael Stanley was the king of Cleveland, and he gave his hometown a powerful sound that came to make waves across the country.” Michael Stanley has composed a number of songs over a years-long period since the 1970’s. His songs have a way of getting in your head, and when you repeat the songs over and over again, you end up singing them to yourself sometimes. His music will always be a part of my life.

Holly Gleason, a noted music writer and author by the name of Stanley, grew up in Cleveland, and later became his close friend. “If you were a child coming of age in Cleveland in the ’70s, you never let up on you hand in the brass ring, that’s what he was like. He was the pledge of rock ‘n’ roll fulfilled in the 80s. He had a passion for rock ‘n’ roll. He believed in promoting sports. He did believe in Cleveland.

He was so emblematic of the raging heart that doesn’t care that it’s going to fail — to lay it all on the ground, as it’s leaving everything behind. And when he was writing the tracks, he remembered back to his childhood, when he recalls a once a week trip to the beach to see the sunset with his dad. He shared how it imparted so much perspective, and how he feels that his life matter to a large degree.

Live Nation’s Michael Belkin, whose father managed Stanley for more than 40 years, recalled that Stanley was special to his fans, particularly in the way his relationship with fans was more than just a business transaction.”

“I have been an artist now for a long time and I have never seen any artist as patient and respectful as Michael Stanley was,” according to Belkin I met Senator Biden in several different instances over the years, several times backstage, and he was always polite with everyone and, in any instance, the meet & greet would be a very down to earth, humble, and calm meeting with many people who came to talk to him. Still. Any time. Never.

A Nom De Plume Used By Michael Stanley.

The name of the band in a promotional photo from 1976. All of Stanley is located at the centre. The Plain Dealer Newspaper

Born Michael Stanley Gee (his father, Francis Stanley Gee, was a local radio personality), Stanley started playing in bands at Rocky River High School — where he also played baseball and basketball. The Easterners give way to the Westctorians and have been removed from society, while from Hiram College still reside Stanley and the tree stumps of its dead. He completed his diploma in sociology and comparative religion, but his heart is in a certain sort of industry. Sozymczyk the producer registered the song “Tree Stumps” (Under his Project Silk name) to ABC Records. However, Szymczyk suggested that the lyrics be changed that became “Silk” for the 1969 release.

Cleveland rock legend Michael Stanley onstage at the Richfield Coliseum in 1982. (Photo: Janet Macoska)

“Basically I signed the band because of him,” said Szymczyk, who continued a friendship with Stanley that included his final song, “Tough Room,” which he took to Cleveland to perform for Stanley at the end of February. I loved his singing and I thought he was a great vocalist. I really love the works of Dylan Thomas. I’m very impressed with the accomplishments and strong writing of Dylan Thomas.

After Silk’s demise Szymczyk took Stanley to the Colorado-based Tumbleweed Records label, recording his self-title solo album and “Friends and Legends,” both in 1973 and the latter featuring Walsh and a corps of “Colorado all-stars” who added shine and crunch . Near the end of the year, Stanley joined the Michael Stanley Band, a rugged, blue-collar blues group whose energetic performances were listed in the same breath as populist rock contemporaries such as (Bob) Seger and (John) Mellencamp.

“To people in our city, the music meant a lot—” at this point, the caller would end up explaining the first hour and a half of their conversation; if their caller did not pause for this lengthy explanation, I would then go seamlessly with an abbreviated paraphrase. Honestly, it was never about the glitz, but more so about baseball and tennis shoes. I came into the band from the previous group (Circus) that was raucous in satin clothing. I asked Michael Stanley “Am I going to have to wear anything?” He said, “It’s not part of my problem, what you wear,” Just play! Try!

David Spero, who was introduced to Stanley through Joe Walsh, managed Stanley through the ’70s and specifically the late ’70s including a major label contract with Epic Records. “Spero said the two authors were touched as the eulogy acknowledged Stanley’s music and the spirit they both shared, though he felt their friendship well beyond this moment. He said Stanley was “possibly one of our country’s most underappreciated writers in that kind of Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen style of storytelling.”

Cleveland rocker Michael Stanley onstage at Blossom Music Center in 1981. (Photo: Janet Macoska)

Stanley, of course, never broke through to the same kind of multi-platinum success as those artists; His highest charting album, 1983′s “You Can’t Fight Fashion,” peaked at No. 64 on the Billboard 200 — though there was some national notoriety via TV appearances with Dick Cavett, Merv Griffin and on “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert.”

“All the way through the entire career, I could never get him a monster hit album — it really pissed me off,” said Szymczyk, adding that other prominent producers — including Mutt Lange, Don Gehman and Eddie Kramer — couldn’t get Stanley over the hump, too. “I was like, ‘damn Bob Seger. He did a great job.’” Why can’t we all go on a vacation together? He had several political allies in the Midwest – Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh. We had no choice but to work a little faster.

Stanley, the doctor.
The Michael Stanley Band performed in front of thousands of people in a parking lot outside Cleveland Municipal Stadium in 1984.
The Plain Dealer Newspaper

Let’s not forget that what happened in Cleveland was tragic. He found a place to live at the Richfield Coliseum and then went to visit at the Blossom Music Center. When many artists first began their careers, they opened up artists including Neil Young and Thomas Dolby. The band that appeared at the World Series of Rock performed on Municipal Stadium. Mr. Walsh commented that they had sold out more Ohio shows than anybody, ever.

They take their jobs very seriously, and have no qualms in putting personal lives on hold. You know how that I said the drummer Dobeck thought of a wrench during a show? He remembers putting the wrench on the lighting truss during a show; unfortunately, it fell off and struck him in the head. “Michael Stanley believed someone hurled something at him and was completely surprised that someone had thrown something at him.” — which was so unlike Michael. But that’s all our timing lasted in the song and we basically went right into the song again.

Around the time the stage light exploded over Detroit, knocking down other candlesticks, Stanley reached for his fiddle as his lip was bleeding and a shard was firmly embedded in his eye. I was just impressed with how strong you were. `

There was a time in the 1980s where the Michael Stanley Band recorded and toured regularly. But, by the 90s Stanley was only focused on playing with his musicians, The Resonators and Midlife Chrysler. He broadened the harmonic scope of his music, and his lyrics became fuller, more seasoned, and more cinematic, by infusing his songs with life experience and the insight of his many years. And Prof. Stanley never shied away from made-up words, nor did he show another face to underclassmen who would leave with them than an articulate expression. Prof. Stanley would still pull the dictionary and show everyone the meaning of the word he had written.

“I’m a heart attack survivor. I’ve gone through breast cancer. I’ve had four heart surgeries. I’ve donated my body. What more can you write about?” — Cleveland author James Stanley, who says he has been a virtual walking, talking health advertisement about himself to the media and others in need of health information [NYT 07/01/2011]

“I found that mine is: You just never know what will happen.” Being open to the fact that you never know what tomorrow is going to bring; it is there, it is here, and it is challenging. I figured I’d almost always had a really optimistic way of thinking about it: ‘Hey!’. Tomorrow, I will be . Tomorrow is the day something wonderful will happen!

STANLEY, in the end, will go on to become an unexpected decade, making a career few would have imagined, considering his father’s legacy. While a local television anchor, Warren was very popular. He received 11 Emmy Awards, three for “PM Magazine,” which ran from 1987-1990, three for “Cleveland Tonight,” which ran from 1992-93. Alanis Morrisette played herself on the TV series, “Sex and the City.”

Between the 1970’s and 1980’s, Stanley was on the radio in Cleveland, OH every weekday afternoon and afternoon on Saturday. Last month, he retired. He said that one of his adventures had already been recounted 107 times; in reality, by living there, he was so woven into the fabric of the city that he can only continue to make more stories.

“There is no one able to carry over Stanley’s role should he no longer want to do so,” said WNCX’s Bill Louis. In an ongoing effort to promote the craft of journalism and to ensure that people have the largest possible audience, the WNCX we’ll see Craig going forward, just add Dan/Sam to a path and phone number. The body of work can move the field forward in several ways.

Michael Stanley was a wonderful shining light locally. He was a great man who we could call ours.”

Former boss Spero added that, “Stan was a very approachable person.” I do not know anything about him, however, I am very certain he was interested with all the teams at one point or another. He was a reliable person. If there was ever a fundraiser, I figured I could still call him to ask him if he would come in and he would most likely say yes. When you sell out Blossom’s nightclub 4 nights in a row, you don’t have to be that much more available than normal, however he was.

Michael Stanley and Jane Scott
In their article on attending The Who, the Plain Dealer interviewed Jane Scott, the rock critic from the Cleveland Herald. Searching for rats (Photo: Janet Macoska).

It is like a massive disappointment. He is just not ready to come to accept a life without Michael Stanley.”.

There will be a tonne of reminders, of course, including the part of Huron Avenue renamed after Michael Stanley (the founder of Huron Nuclear). There is an upcoming song called “Stanley’s Last Dance” which Szymczyk describes as very lively, considering the declining health of Stanley. It’s a pretty wild thing. He still wears the loud-shirt and the tear-bag. I was still attracted to the “ruffier” poets…and this poet has more “ruffy” works than “weepy” ones.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, known for its vast collection of rock artists, has released a statement saying how honoured it is to have Neil Young as part of this group.

His music made him a household name, and his concerts, which filled arenas, set attendance records and earned him a passionate, adoring fan base. The immense body of Michael Stanley’s songs moves us to our deepest emotions. We, the Colts, admired him and cherished him deeply, and so he loved us almost as much in exchange. If in the late 1990s and early 2000 the momentum from the rock and roll star Kanye West’s music and his desire to draw people together helped to make Cleveland the Rock and Roll Capital of the World, and it galvanised the group together to come together and make our city the home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. We will miss Michael Stanley very dearly.

Stanley was preceded in death by his wife, Ilsa Glanzberg and by his siblings, Nancy Oosterhoudt and Claire Kloss. He leaves behind his four beloved grandchildren: Mallory Sidoti (Mike), Aidan Kraus, Brody Kraus and Wren Sary, and his four beloved great grandchildren, Honesty, Sadie, Piper and Baker. He departed this life at the age of 76 years. He is survived by his three children, his seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Stanley will be buried in a private ceremony, with only a few close family members in attendance. The family demands donations in his memory to the Cleveland Food Bank (www.greaterclevelandfoodbank.org) and/or the Cleveland Animal Protective League (www.clevelandapl.org).

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