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I knew that when I read a story that takes advantage of hanging upside down, we would have reached peak productivity. If you bought a special table or put it in gravity boots, the article suggested that frequent “investment breaks” could help you to concentrate on your surgery and break your to-do list.

We have built a complicated relationship with productivity over the past decade. Experts, psychologists, authors, and even founders like me encouraged people to hack, optimize, and leverage time to the point that words such as exhaustion in productivity and disgracefulness started to flourish. The pandemic struck then.

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How efficient You Are?

How can efficiency be, when we take the first provisional steps towards normalcy and get out of the lockout, wide-eyed and slightly careful of each other? Are we going to try to make up what seems like time lost? Or are we finally going to find out how to accept a slower life, everything that we have skipped during an isolated year?

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Now is the right time to reset our product vision. I always go back to the excellent concept of author James Clear: “We often believe that productivity means more every day. Wrong. Wrong. Productivity continuously gets important things done. And whatever you work on, just a few items are really important.”

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I also note that we are seeking steady improvement instead of reaching endless deadlines or raising the bar ever higher. “The most important thing in any meaningful job is to make advances on all aspects which can increase feelings, enthusiasm, and expectations during a working day,” write researchers Teresa M. Amabile and Steven J. Kramer in the Harvard Business Review. “And the more people feel that sense of success, the more active they are in the long run.”

I’m not an enthusiast of hard-core life-hack. I’m more likely to speak with my family in Turkey about picking olives than my morning routine. My organization does not set tough deadlines; we ask our employees to secure their downtime and promote daily holidays. However, after a year of sorrow and loss, I strive to redefine productivity—and encourage you to do the same. Three basic strategies are here that I use to help this move.

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Give Your Real Branch Branches

Perhaps you attempted a digital detox, like Saturday avoiding computers. It’s a clever idea, but I am persuaded that we need to minimize dramatically what we clutch in our heads during the week. In the 1990s, the psychiatrist Nancy C. Andreasen invented a REST acronym for the free association of our brains during calm rest. At present, she is researching a small group of musicians, scientists, mathematicians, and others working in challenging fields.

“Letting your imagination run wild is a major opportunity for your creativity for many participants,” said Andreasen to The Washington Post. In other words, efficiency needs a constant supply of new ideas that only emerge from the rest. If we wish to do productive work, we need to restore our mental shelves.

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In order to refill your mind during the day, think hygge, ikigai, and friluftsliv in the new lifestyle philosophy. It is called niksen, the art of doing nothing in the Netherlands. Although it is astonishing to think that we need the motivation to watch or look at the coffee brew, Niksen is a very unusual experience for many of us.

When we went remote, four amazing things happened.

If you complete a mission, pause for a moment before the next one starts. Close your eyes and feel your face with the light. Brush your teeth without Instagram scrolling. Make your lunch quiet, if possible, without company calls or podcasts. So many people have great ideas in the shower, and your mind is free for a couple of minutes.

I know that words like niksen can sound rude, but recovering tiny bags of time can help recalibrate your productivity. Watch people waiting in a line-up, and clearly, it’s almost a radical act to do nothing. But it’s better to note that you’re not a computer built to manufacture by watching birds or chilling on a park bench.

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I didn’t say “follow your passion.” Note. When we obsess about productivity, we skip every day chances, even in small parts, to feel joy. The pandemic has reminded us of the passing of life. We cannot take simple pleasures, including coffee with a mate, as a matter of course. Work is another opportunity to discover what is pleasing to us. Of course, it is a luxury but if you pursue your curiosity, expand your abilities and take creative risks, tension will lessen and you will become more flowing.

Meditation is another excellent way of exploring what counts. At the moment, it seems like a multivitamin or a should on your list, but everyone recommends it for one reason: mindfulness helps. It will relax the brain some minutes after your breath or watch your thoughts flutter in the wind. What often emerges is some perspective; maybe a glimmer of clarity on how and why you work, and what can improve it. At the very least, hanging upside down is much better.

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