Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

Here you are, lying on the edge of your bunk, looking at the “meatball,” which eventually slept quietly in the crib.

You listen to the breathing and know that you may be conscious of it for the first time in the day. A tear falls your face down. You imagine the days, months, years of your life between paintings, nipples and guttural conversations and while you still enjoy this little boy and choose to be there with him, you wonder: is it all? I’m going to be able? May I? Can I?

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In the middle of your own motherhood doubts, you may still need to help serve your family or not want to play a special social role: that of the mom. And the weight of this whole experience is so heavy that you realise so even else can be said, of course.

How will I live and do it?

Maybe you believe only “superwomen” live and undertake at the time. We have all seen, I believe, moments of doubts, of great fear, of confusion, of ignorance, of feeling confused and of thinking that we are not going to be ready.

87 percent of Mexicans regard a fear of failure as the biggest challenge to a company, points out AGER, for its English acronym, in the 2015 Global Business Report.

If you’re scared, the curious thing is not what you’re going to do with your anxiety. Will you allow it to paralyse you or will you turn it into a business force? We will assist you step by step to accomplish the second option.

Although it is unbelievable to conceive of a transnational company, the first move is significant. And we share some suggestions for beginning to learn about it.

The age of your child

When you have a newborn infant that you have chosen to breastfeed, the operation is totally different from that of a four-year-old who is ready to spend those days in a kindergarten.

I can tell you children are growing up. And to be frank, far easier than it feels to us when you throw your finger at us or “put your finger in the cake we had to deliver within one hour.” It is also important to always understand what stage of childbirth you are in and how long you will spend on entrepreneurship. Taking part in “two infants,” one flesh and blood, and another substance and sales, will make someone feel quite incapable of doing so.

Be kind to you

When you’re a mother, it takes you to build yourself well. If you ask yourself a simple question, if you criticise yourself, it is very important that you first consider “making friends with you.” I can tell you, that you will have several vital moments: your son is hospitalised, a last-minute work in kindergarten, “the little angel” went flat on his face and cut his hand and you have to get him into the hospital and pay extra attention to him. Life can surprise you with the many solutions that can be offered and, besides all these imponderables, you can just make them harder. Be kind of yourself. Be kind to yourself. Tell yourself what I need in urgent times and take care of it.

Network support

I know no woman/mother, who could effectively pursue – I don’t believe I know any human being, but concentrate on women’s mothers – without a support network. If you’re upset with your mum, maybe it’s a fine idea to get together with her and rediscover another kind of adult partnership. Your mother is “mad to tie,” and you think it’s hard to tell yourself who you can count on: relatives, neighbours, moms, daddy of course, siblings, they all count. Let them know your dreams, decide when you will like them, and what to speak clearly to them, ask them if they are willing and if anyone says ‘no,’ don’t get stuck. The more your social network is bigger, closer and louder, the better are your chances of sustainability and prosperous enterprises.

Clarity about the future

It is really interesting to decide what you expect to be a positive outcome. Most entrepreneurs struggle, figures tell me about 80% in the first year, so they are not sure about the future. Take a few minutes to look to your future, pretend you’re there already, what’s it like? What people are with you? How are you organising your time? Who cares about your child? How long? How long? What happens as you succeed? When he is, what does he do? Allow yourself to imagine and to explain, and ask yourself what you want for yourself.

And we are ready to mold our dreams with these bases. It would be a joy in this area to assist you in the many phases and processes of your motherhood.

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