Musk’s Tweet Goes Viral

Elon Musk did it again, proving that the market can and still be affected by his Twitter finger.
The CEO of Tesla (TSLA) made headlines for contributing to the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies (especially Bitcoin and Dogecoin). On Wednesday, the South Korean company Samsung Publishing posted a paragraph on Twitter The stock price skyrocketed after the viral video.

Elon Musk Files Trademark Paperwork for Tesla Restaurant - Bloomberg

The company is a major investor in SmartStudy, a South Korean entertainment company that produced the children’s sensation “Baby Shark” that Musk posted on Twitter on Tuesday night. The
billionaire wrote: “The little shark crushed everyone.” “More viewpoints than humans.”

This video was originally published on YouTube in 2016 and has since become an international sensation, gaining popularity on the platform Over 8.6 million views.
Since then, it has been declared the most viewed video in YouTube history.

As Musk returned to the video field, Samsung Publishing soared nearly 10% on Wednesday soared to an impressive 6.29% in the late afternoon.

Tesla CEO is known for posting cheeky jokes and memes on Twitter. He posted a meme on his account, apparently making fun of the media’s attention to his influence on cryptocurrencies and the market.
“Found this photo of me when I was young”, captioned a fake photo from 1980. The image includes an image of the Internet meme “doge”, which has become a symbol and inspiration for the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

“I must hide my enthusiasm from the public, otherwise I will be ostracized by society,” the caption of the photo reads.
His 56.3 million Twitter followers quickly became popular.
“Oh my God. Stop it. For the benefit of shareholders. Stop,” a tweet.
Dogecoin’s valuation increased by 24.61% in the 24 hours as of Wednesday afternoon.

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