Kamala Harris Tips for Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur has a story of struggle as well as adversity tell. US Vice- President-elect Kamala Harris also has a tale of struggle. She is a perfect example of how opportunities in America are a melting point.

Kamala Harris was born in 1964, in Oakland, California. Her parents tried their best to give Harris quality education and other necessities. But she had to cross many systematic and societal barriers to come front. Her journey like most of the other successful people was driven by the force to achieve. Her vision to succeed, perseverance as well as determination are seen in many entrepreneurs.

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Here are a few entrepreneurial tips to learn from Kamala Harris. 

Achieving For A Purpose

Anything done for a purpose of good succeeds. Things that are done upon ego or showoff does not last long. Every entrepreneur should work for their satisfaction. Activities that are done just to create an image in society do not last long.

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Kamala Harris was brought up in an era when inequality was all around. Harris’s mother taught her to create equity in the inequitable world. She wanted to break this social bias. She further wanted to bring equality among men and women. During her elementary education, she realized that becoming a lawyer can help her fight for justice. Therefore, her desire to change society led her to the position she is in today.

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Progress over Perfection

The most important suggestion for entrepreneurs is to focus on progress. Rather than sticking to a particular domain, it is always best to explore other domains. One must understand that perfection is endless. Everything done has a scope of improvement. Further, perfection always focuses on things that cannot be done. It also focuses on flaws. Whereas Progress is really different. It focuses on improvement and approaching things in a new way.

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Kamala always followed such a strategy. When she joined the college, rather than focusing only on her legal studies she thought of things outside the box. Like the great entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, she also started working during her college time. She worked in different positions.

Building A Strong Foundation

Kamala laid a strong foundation in her mind. She fueled her mind, body, and spirit in such a way that she can easily face the challenges. She also focused on building herself to cross the significant barriers. From SoulCycle to watching TV reality shows made her a strong woman mentally and physically. Further, family support and support from her friends helped keep her profile. In high times she focussed on what’s more important thereby helping her achieve what she wants.

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For the first time, Kamala Harris failed in her bar exams. But she did not leave hope. She tried again, pulled up her socks, and passed with flying colors the second time. Yes! it needs the courage to do the same thing for a second time without having the fear of losing.

The important tip an entrepreneur must learn is that one must be strong enough to face the challenges. A startup will obviously take time to reach the highest. This is indeed one of the typical challenges faced by a startup. Be strong and face them. Success takes its own time. Getting disappointed and depressed in the first step will never help you see the color of success.

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Harris still has a lot of challenges ahead. As a Vice- President a lot of new responsibilities have come upon her. With her entrepreneurial approach, she can face these challenges as well. She also found solutions and transformed the situation in her favor. We can also overcome our challenges in our ways by keeping these tips in mind. Do not back yourself from starting a new startup because of the challenges in front.

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