How To Make Work From Home More Effective

2020 has been a radical year for the working class. While some lost their jobs, others got the gift of a lifetime–Work from Home. Previously, work from home was an unpleasant thing, as it meant work could come up even on holidays. But during this pandemic, all those who had the privilege of working from home were considered as very lucky. While the essential services workers had to risk their lives getting to work, those who could connect virtually worked safely from their homes.

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Negative effects of Work from Home

Though Remote working has lot of benefits, it also has few negative impacts. Some common challenges that people are-

1.Lack of physical movement – During a normal workday, there is a lot of physical activity involved. But at home, we hardly ever move around.

2.Increased stress to be more productive – Since there is no amount of time wasted in commute to office or long tea breaks with colleagues, employees are expected to put in more effort.

3.Maintaining home-work balance – Though we work from home, we are left with very little time for our family.

4.Social life –There is a lack of social interaction which can be a huge downside. After sometime people can start feeling lonely and distanced from the society.

5.Technical issues – Offices are equipped with proper infrastructure designed to make our work easier. But at home, majority of people may not have proper hardware facilities for working like proper Wi-Fi, lack of chair, table etc.

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How to overcome the challenges

The world is moving towards a new way of working. This pandemic has shown us that we do not necessarily have to go to offices to do our work. Once considered impossible, many companies have now decided to have approx. 50% of their employees work from home permanently. Given this situation, we need to prepare ourselves to tackle the challenges that remote working can cause.

1.Have a proper schedule.

When the fear of reaching office late is not looming over our head, it’s easy to become laid back. We can fall into the habit of doing things as they come along. This could lead you to being highly unproductive. Make a schedule and try to stick to it. You will observe that you will get maximum things done. Dedicate equal time to work and your personal life. Make sure that work does not extend its allotted time. Once or twice is acceptable, but not often.

2. Be self-motivated.

In offices, there is always a healthy completion among colleagues. When we regularly interact with them during our free time, it does more than just ease our mind. It helps us to stay motivated. But when confined in our homes, we have very less interaction and we might not be able to see their progress. So it’s upon us to constantly motivate ourselves to complete our tasks, take care of our health, and cultivate our hobbies.

3. Have a dedicated work space

Having a dedicated workspace for anything we do is very important in helping us complete the task. Having all the required resources near us will stop us from postponing our tasks. So make sure that you set up a small area where all the things that are necessary for you are easily accessible. This will make work from home easier.

4. Exercise regularly

It is possible to spend our entire day by making the least movement when working remotely. So its utmost important to exercise daily, eat healthy and take breaks.Whether its walking, jogging or cycling do spend min 30 minutes daily doing some cardio exercise. Also try not to sit for too long at one position. Every half an hour getup and move around for 5-10 minutes.

5. Avoid distractions

With our families around us all the time, it’s easy to be distracted by them. It’s very much possible that they might interrupt us for some personal work. To mini mise distractions, we must make them understand to not disturb us while we are working unless its very urgent. Always try to complete your task before leaving our desk and ensure that you complete your daily chores before you start working to avoid getting up in the middle of your work to complete them.

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Work from home can be considered as the future way of working. The faster we are able to adapt ourselves to it, better it would be for us. It can be quite challenging to get used to it but with time and proper management it is easily possible. Make the most of working from home by taking care of yourself and spending quality time with your family.

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